the worst blogger ever award goes to….

Haha, yes, me. MAN I suck at this. So the other day I made a comment on the new tell all the nasties SL website Ruthed regarding a post by everyone’s favorite dramalicious dudette, Lizzie Lexington. She contacted me in game to thank me for my comment and we exchanged a few pleasantries. She also mentioned I should consider blogging and of course I had to admit… I already do. or did. or something… I have a blog.. it just doesn’t.. and I don’t.. and it just..

You know.

So I thought I’d pop up here inspired by that exchange. I would like to talk about my new Linden Home. I LOVE MY NEW LINDEN HOME. Oh yes.

A few months back I was looking long and hard for a piece of 512 mainland on the water for my very own. It was hard to find one that was one the water, not surrounded by hideous uglies, and would not be built in front of. And then one day, I found it. Nice neighbors with nice normal houses. Waterfront. Linden protected with a little jetty and a Linden automated tourboat that sailed charmingly by. How precious! It was perfect and I bought it immediately. I terraformed and put down the perfect little seaside cottage, and I could only fit a pose stand and a lounge chair on it after that but BY GOD IT WAS WATERFRONT OK. It was amazing.

When Linden Homes were announced I was not interested overly much. The houses seemed either too boring or too outrageous, and not being able to pick WHERE your house would be was a real deal breaker for me. But then I found out that you got your 512 allotted 117 prims IN ADDITION to the structure itself. Boy howdy. That nearly sold me… but first I had to agonize over giving up my lil slice of waterfront protected heaven. I simply can’t afford increased land fees on top of all the money I spend in SL shopping AND NO I WILL NOT STOP SHOPPING, SHUT UP.

Anyway, I decided to take the plunge. I toured the 4 different sim types – the asian houses look kinda shoddy. Textures are yucky up close. The fantasy forest houses were small and too weird. Totally not into the triangle Tahoe houses (didn’t even bother checking them in person). So I was decided by default to the more modern and clean (boring? boxy?) style left, and of course I can’t remember the name of it now. Anyway. I got one, didnt like it. Abandoned it. Got another and OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGM ITS ON THE WATER. YES. YES. I THINK I JUST PEED.

So yeah, it’s not crazy private. My next door neighbor is an escort. There’s sometimes odd folks in the garden. But hey. I couldn’t be happier with my Linden home, really. i highly recommend them to anyone who can’t afford more than the free land from a premium account. =P

My Living Room


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  1. YAY, so glad you decided to come back to the fold. Hugs!

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