zombie apocalypse – i was not prepared

I’ve long been a fan of the Strange Pixels blog, especially Grady Echegaray’s story board style posts. I decided to do a little homage to that, in one of my shiny new Nomine Mosaic skins (tristessa-spider). I strapped up and headed out to a sim called simply “post apocalyptic” where immediately on zone in your avatar triggers the spawning of zombies that bite you. Repeatedly. And they follow you, oh yes. There are also some other creatures there, which cannot even be described. You can shoot and kill these monsters if you choose, but honey, I just wanted their closeups!

what… where am I? And why am I smoking?

The girl comes back to herself on top of a rusted out school bus, fires raging across the dark sky around her. She has no idea how she came to be here, but she has a gun, and it makes her feel safe, powerful.

I can't… can't remember how I got here…

She steps into the light of a nearby lamp post, rubbing her temples and trying hard to remember something… anything. Will she even know how to use the gun, if she needs to?

shit, what WAS that?!

The illusion of safety the weapon provided is fading already as the cold winds pick up, swirling leaves and ash into the air. The girl hears noises rising around her, groans and the gnashing of teeth. Sounds of hunger…

oh no, oh no, oh no. I can't… what IS it?!

She draws the gun, fumbling with the holster strap. Darting through the moldy alleyways and deserted streets, she almost doesn’t notice the creature that has caught her scent. She is about to dart around a corner when she sees it, and she freezes in terror.

oh please, no, please

The spell of terror breaks and the girl flees towards a large lighted gate, from which human sounds of vehicles and soldiers training emanate. She is almost there when what can only be described as a zombie leaps out, blocking her path. She throws her hands up, weapon dangling uselessly from her fingers as the memories start flooding back.

not like this… no… it wasn't supposed to be like this..

The first zombie scratches her arm, and soon others are swarming near. The gun drops to the ground, unloaded, useless and forgotten. The girls sinks to her knees on the cold asphalt, also useless and forgotten. They put her here. They wanted this to happen. And she’s so tired of fighting.


As I write this blog I am listening to Adrienne Deezul sing in SL. I think she has a very unique voice. Dark and deep and a little throaty, plus killer Kiwi accent. She’s relatively new to performing in SL, so make sure to check her out!

Daily Bitch: My Flickr account is full for the month already. Drat, how did that happen. >.> I will have to switch to PhotoBucket or pay for the Flickr upgrade, hmm!

(Lamb. hair, corset from Schadenfruede, boots and gloves from SiniStyle, Cig from Hermony, skirt from Luck Inc, gun found on XStreet, garters and leggings from Sn@tch)


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