my eyelashes

This is a slow news day. Let’s talk about eyelashes!

I have tried prim lashes in the past and frankly I found them impossible. I have the attention span of a gnat or a raccoon near some shiny things, how the hell am I going to manipulate around 100 little black line prims. Not gonna happen, sister!

Of course, I love eyelashes, and the alpha ones are so annoying, and and, mrgh!!!! So when I saw some new ones had been released, I decided to give them a shot. The reason I liked these so much is because they looked smaller… not all huge and model-y.


So here I present to you, Lash Exetention (typo not mine =P) by [fairy tail]! The most important piece of information from Isabeau’s guide to lash fitting is the mannequin skin and eyes from Imagen. YAY!

To me these lashes just look normal and natural, and I really love the way they come with three size options right out of the box, and are a little imperfect. Just love ’em!


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