lazy rambling days

A lot of my days have been lazy lately. Since I began my shiny new (voluntary) stage of unemployment, I have found myself at serious loose ends. I’ve been planning going to college, thinking about switching from Horde in WoW to Alliance ( le gasp) thinking about becoming a phone sex operator (seriously) and eating a lot of salad and wheat pasta.

I am not sure where the hours of each day are going, they just seem to be drifting by. I’ve taken up the blogging again, which is nice for me even if not entertaining for anyone else. =P I’ve also been struggling a lot with my spending in SL which really has been out of hand at times in the past and is more voluminous now than it ought to be, circumstances being what they are.

But I’ve made a few really cool friends of late and tried to “put myself out there” with crowds that I am normally not a part of, so that’s fun. I’ve been thinking about an article of sorts I’d like to post up at, but then I second guess because it just seems like ranting or worse, whining.

I’m SUPER DUPER SUPER MEGA excited about the new Tuli skin. Cannot. Wait. To Wear. IT. GOD. The nose is adorable and it’s just flawless and soft and mature (but not old) and I WANT IT NOW ARGH. =P lol. (see above paragraph re: spending is naughty!)

I’ve seen several great blogs go on hiatus lately, starting with Uma’s Style Diary a month or so ago and most recently Brinksie. Both of these blogs were such a great source of places to get amazing unique accessories and they wore items in new and exciting ways. I’m sorry to see them go, but I understand why they do.


All the recent complaining about the new Exodi skin leaves me with a bad feeling in my mouth. I really think it’s lovely, and aside from the pixely nose bit, I don’t feel that the skin is unwearable or that the flaws as enumerated by other bloggers are so glaringly bad as to make the skin unwearable. I do wonder if Ryker Beck might resolve the nose issue. I remember when I got the invite for the launch party I put the demos on and noticed the nose thing right away but I still liked the skin overall. I contemplated saying something to Ms. Beck but I didn’t know her and I felt it might be rude or invasive to make such a remark with the party about to happen. Maybe I should have said something then. I don’t know. She’s a really nice lady (now that I’ve met her) and an extremely generous designer and I wish people weren’t being so mean. Everyone makes mistakes.


Daily Truth #3: I didn’t take a shower today. I wallow in my grossness and crazy cat lady hair. Muahaha. (Justine – Java)

this is my care face …


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