exploration: everwind

Today I decided to don some elf ears and do a little exploring. I searched for “castle” and after a few false starts including an in-use sex dungeon (oopsie!) and an inescapable shopping mall (hate those), I landed in Everwind Village and Castle. Make sure to pick up an “Observer’s Backpack” at the teleport landing – I cheated and took mine off to take pictures. *naughty*

The castle itself is gorgeous. I shot my pictures at night, but, in daylight it’s lovely too, and definitely lends itself well to both gloomy and sunshiney atmospheres.

oo ahhh

I took a few pictures from the second level, next to the chapel. Within the chapel some folks were role-playing – they sent a SENTRY out to check on me and saw the backpack (before I was naughty) and then went back inside.  I tried not to eavesdrop. =P

this is me NOT eavesdropping

Then I jumped down to the garden in a graceful elven manner (I SWEAR I DIDN”T FALL ON MY ASS FROM A PARAPET!). Let’s pretend this is when I clumsily lost my Observer’s Backpack!

backpack? what backp*cough* …I uh, dropped it.

There are also lots of pretty flowers and things to observe, including secluded benches for making sexy time (or bird watching) and bird feeders and um.. other stuff that is fun that I didn’t look at because I was too busy looking at my fabulous self and gasping in pleasure.

I am so fabulous *siiiiiiigh*

This is where I didn’t fall off the edge of the waterfall because honestly, who does that?! Clumsy dorks that’s who, and I am not one of those. No sir.

it's a good thing I'm not clumsy… er… crap.

I’m not wearing anything very new but all of my clothing is gorgeous and exciting! For those interested: Skin – Curio – June, Dress – Severina Suite -SilentSparrow, Boots – Bax Coen, Hair – Dernier Cri – Sammy, Necklace – Hami – Chain Ribbon Necklace, Ears – Illusions


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