i’ve died and gone to skin heaven

Tuli, Tuli, Tuli. O.M.G.

Eva is the most beautiful and ethereal skin I have ever seen. I really mean that. I feel like an angel. I’ve gone for tan tones most of my time as Bunny, but when I tried on the demos for Eva in Tone 1, I felt like I was truly transported into another version of me. An angelic, fanciful, delicate me. The new sim is really beautiful too, make sure you set to some version of night time when you visit. =)


I had to skip over to Chakryn forest for photos today, it just seemed like the perfect backdrop for the perfect skin!

Sometimes I say… They’ve done it. This is the last skin I’ll ever need to buy. I said it with Curio June. (of which I own 4 fat packs. No judgement please!) And then I said it again with Dutch Touch Jolie. And then I said it again with Curio Elf. AND NOW I’M SAYING IT AGAIN. That is how much I love Eva. I plan to live in it!

i'm so dainty, don't hurt me!

OMG I forgot to mention the new fantasy clothing Tuli released. Oh so perfect. I bought the Royalty dress, it’s pictured. Amazing. I am whimpering over the money I spent in SL today. Seriously, no more buying for awhile! I MEAN IT. This time. REALLY. I do.

swish swish
it's all in the details…

I don’t have much else to say about SL right now as I haven’t been on much. I’ve been obsessing over WoW lately. My raid guild broke up and now I am adrift and sad. I decided to switch from Horde to Alliance for a change of pace, and now I am super cute draenei x 2! I’ve been looking for new raid guilds and I have a few very tempting offers. I’m just not sure what I want anymore. =( I’ve already killed Arthas, am I “done?” What else is there but to do it again and harder? But I did want a frost wyrm mount… sigh. Who knows. I am so conflicted. And I’ve been very neglectful of my IRL lately because it’s too scary to look at.

Here’s my new draenei pretties!

priesty pretty on ram
shaman pretty in ICC pug from hell

Meh meh meh!

<3 + </3

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