semi-daily truth

Oh HI!

I was supposed to blog today and I took a bunch of pictures and stuff, of a new sim I had explored. But… that didn’t quite happen. And now it’s 3 am and it has become clear it’s not going to happen! So I will make that post tomorrow!

I just finished watching “Walk the Line” and it was a wonderful movie. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, it was really great. What an amazing life.

Daily Truth #4: I cry at the end of almost every movie regardless of it being happy or sad – I’m just sad it’s over. I also cry at musicals, and sometimes at songs on the radio. I cry a lot. It’s embarrassing. =P Sometimes I am playing SL and listening to music and a song I love comes on and I’ll just be sitting at my desk crying because I feel so moved by it. I AM A BIG TEARY DORK WITH RED EYES.

Sienna – Silver


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