semi daily truth #5

Yes. I am wearing the exact same Truth Hair as yesterday. BITE ME! =P

I just finished my first raid with my new guild, and I have to say I don’t feel really good about my performance. I have to take a few factors into consideration. 1) I am comparatively undergeared. 2) I hail from a 10 man only environment. Stepping into 25’s hard modes first is definitely a little overwhelming. 3) Horde to Alliance. When I hear “hero!” on vent, I have literally no idea what’s going on. Two years of hearing calls for “lust!” are pretty habit forming. 4) New guild of tons of people with new strategies, new channels, new everything = culture shock.

On the plus side we killed Valithria Dreamwalker on heroic mode, bumping us to #5 on Lightbringer. Yippie! I won a hat that is a shame. It really is a piece of shit. The itemization is terrible Blizz, terrible! Nobody wants a crit/sp/mp5 piece. NOBODY WANTS SHITTY CRIT MP5 ANYTHING. Crit/Haste? YES. Haste/MP5? YES. Crit/MP5? NO. NO NO NO. NO. Anyway I sliced it, the hat was terrible and I wish I had just let it get sharded. No amount of regemming could save it, and simply equipping it lost 80 haste for a gain of 25 spellpower. Lame heroic gear is lame…


I was at a disadvantage. I was facing a druid and a priest with valanyr, a resto shaman with about 300 more haste than me + trauma. And of course beacon paladin lawl. That being said, I managed to somewhat hold my own and my exquisite situational awareness paid off. Though I placed last or second to last on the meters for all fights, I didn’t die to anything retarded and I picked up their strats with relative quickness. Tomorrow I face 25 lich king… normal mode. A fight I have done many times so I feel pretty confident. We will see what kind of strat I will need to adapt to. -_-

Went to party for my friend Dezi’s new sim opening at Rigby. Was fun I guess. The music was pretty good, though I admittedly not much of a party person. I tend to dance in corners and hide in IM’s. Heh.

I’ve been having a really shitty couple of days for personal life stuff. Relationships = I fail. I’m not sure how I manage to fail at friends, casual sex, bring a girlfriend and relating to people in general. Something must be terribly wrong with me. LET’S HAVE A PITY PARTY.

Daily Truth #5 – I worry way too much about what other people think of me, despite acting like I don’t care.

i've got the (bright) blues..

Or, we can take a picture and sing the Stop! In The Name of Love… really loud until the cats look at me funny.


PS: Paradiso romper is fabulous. I felt very Carrie Bradshaw today.

2 responses to “semi daily truth #5”

  1. You look fantastic. And I love your blog. :) I recommended it to a few friends of mine, because you are awesome. :) <3

    1. Thanks Sin! =) <3

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