don’t hate me ’cause i’m a bitch

Today’s post brought to you by the letter orange and the number tangerine.

This outfit makes me feel hella bitchy.  It took awhile for me to finish putting this look together, I kept coming back to the same pieces over and over. I really wanted to showcase this free jewelry from GANKED because I really never get to wear stuff like this (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve had it for like 3 weeks and never worn it). It’s over the top and certainly not advisable to wear the whole set at once. =P

get that camera outta my face!

I wanted to find a modern stylish city backdrop for this outfit but nothing appealed to me. I tried various New Yorks, a London and a Spain… no dice. I settled for the “Into The Black” prop from Glitterati (hey, sale time there btw: go go!) which I think is really fun and easy to work with, even for a posing newb like me.

i hide from the cruel world in a box of emo

The shoes I just bought today from Juicy. I love orange. SO MUCH. There really isn’t enough orange clothing in SL, and it’s hard to find a GOOD orange, you know? There is a lot of ugly orange, but very little wearable pleasing orange. I was really happy to see the lovely orange lipstick in my Eva contact sheet… and let me pause here. THE EVA CONTACT SHEET IS THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED. ALL SKIN FATPACKS FROM EVERYWHERE SHOULD COME WITH ONE. ALERT. ALERT!


The skirt is one of my favorite articles of clothing ever, the Larin Skirt from Zaara. It goes with everything, and doesn’t do that weird thing where your butt makes a lumpy and then the flexy skirty bits don’t line up. It just flows perfectly. The shirt is part of the Medea Dress from Nomine, which I’ve had for ages, unsure if it’s still there… and I modified it… I love modifiable clothes. I know I’ve probably mentioned that, but, it can’t be stressed enough. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO MOD ALL CLOTHING LAYERS AND PRIM BITS. ALERT2! =P In this case I shortened the sleeves to little cap sleeves, normally the sleeves go to the wrist.

smile and maybe they'll go away…

The last bit of my outfit I want to ramble about is my hair. I bought the “all or nothing” pack of Aphrodite hair from Exile last year at hair fair. I have literally never worn a single one. Doh. I think I bought it to get the flower bikini which, guess what? I also never wore. Despite the fact that it is incredible. I will make a point of wearing it soon I hope! I don’t think Exile uses the hair textures that I have anymore, they’ve updated their textures 2-3 times at least since this was released. But I really like this one I am wearing, which is weird and funky… it’s called Eclipse. Sort of black with white streaky thing. Normally this hair comes with flowers and they are lovely, but really it was too much with the jewelry being so strong.

c whut i did thar?!

Since I couldn’t have the flowers, I decided to take some liberties again with the designers intent on the earrings, I took one of them, attached it to my chin and put it up like a hair clip. I think it looks pretty fab, if I do say so myself. I hope the designers don’t get miffy with me (or anyone) for changing the concept of their work to suit a particular look. I have utmost respect for the intent of the creator, and I use their work with joy and sincere appreciation for being able to wear it and modify it. Thank you! I’ll stop brown nosing now. =P

I fell out of bed last night, that sucked balls, and not in the good way. Bai for naow!


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  1. This is GREAT look. I love it.

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