a waterfall of love

Today marks a very exciting occasion for me! For the very first time, a creator asked me to blog an item! *squee* I was worried at first because I was not familiar with the store.. what if I hated the item and then had to say something bad? Could I back out? What was the polite way to not blog something?!

Lucky for me, I really liked the item in question, the Waterfall dress in gold and silver from Sascha’s Designs, a store chock full of floofy ball gowns and classy cocktail dresses. I am a sucker for a big fluffy skirt, I love dressing up and having miles and miles of material floating all around – the Waterfall dresses definitely fit the bill!

The Waterfall in Silver + the brand spankin’ new Lamb release Soma reminded me so much of Audrey Hepburn, I was instantly in love with both the dress and the hair. All I lacked was a tiara.. and really I can’t believe I don’t own one. Whut up with that?! I didn’t want to search for one now though because I am lazy and stuff so I go tiaraless today.

The Waterfall in Gold is a Special Edition, it differs from the silver and other colors in that it has many, many more options. More skirts, trains, a shawl, a fur stole and more, more more! And since the Waterfall standard already comes with a boat load of options, that makes for a pretty impressive set of items that you can create a lot of looks with.


The gold reminds me of Belle’s gown from Beauty and the Beast which is without question, my favorite Disney movie of all time.

bittersweet and strange, finding you can change…

Overall, I really like the gown and I am happy to give it a positive review. THERE’S JUST ONE THING. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know how much I love modifiable clothing. In fact it’s pretty safe to say I WORSHIP AT THE ALTAR of all things copy/mod/no trans. My avatar is quite small so I was unable to wear a couple of the pieces included in the Waterfall, like the cape, because it could not be resized (though it didn’t say no mod, so I have no idea what went on there) there were a few other pieces that were no mod so I couldn’t adjust them to my more petite frame.

I decided to get a little bit silly and create a romance novel cover and inner jacket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ROMANCE NOVELS. The bodice rippers, the mystery, the paranormal, the futuristic, the cheesier the better. I just love them to death and I buy a lot of them at the grocery store and so on. Reading about people falling in love ALWAYS makes me feel good. =)


I really enjoy the regency ones in particular, especially the descriptions of the clothing and mannerisms of the times, though of course it’s not always accurate, some author’s really do try… but I digress. As usual.

inner jacket

Depressingly, I had to use my own male alt to take all these romantical pictures – a true testament of the lonely road a fashionista must walk, her devotion to shopping and admiring herself is a heavy burden that she alone can bear. *snicker*

I FINALLY gave in and bought ONE makeup of the Heather from Lara Skins. I am wearing it above. I quite love it!




ps: also worn: Truth – Rose, Jewely from Caroline’s

One response to “a waterfall of love”

  1. Lol, you made me laugh with your blog!

    I would say that about 95% of my items are always modify (all except for the tops), so I am not sure what happened there. You can always ask me for an item in copy, modify.

    x Sascha

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