semi daily truth #6

Woot, only one more to go after this for me to have completed the challenge! It’s hard to come up with true things you don’t like to admit. This one is a downer. You’ve been warned! (it’s below the picture)

This is me hanging out at my dear friend’s soon to be new club! It’s still in the building stage but it looks badass already. Can’t wait to spend a great deal of time there rawkin’ out with my cawk out. (Really I mean that, freenis here I come!)

pretty sure this is Anya in Treacle

Daily Truth #6 – I’m too scared to call my dad (he has cancer) because I don’t want to know the bad news. Almost two years ago my grandma died of cancer and I didn’t call her and I hadn’t seen her in person in about a year, and I regret it every day. But here I am doing the same thing again because I’m too scared to face the reality of cancer. I have a lot of excuses about why I don’t want to talk to my family, but the real reason is, I’m just too damn scared and tired of all the bad news.


One response to “semi daily truth #6”

  1. {{{{hugs}}}} I can understand. The bad news can be hard to deal with–it’s much easier to escape.

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