mowing in high heels


i am jack's floating lawn mower…

I had a blast playing with stickers in picnik today. Super fun. =P I decided to buy one month to see if I got enough use out of it to justify paying for a year of access. I haven’t tried the other effects out yet, having waaaaaay too much fun with stickers!

i always win the staring contests!

Totally creepy cool offering from Deco… like when I was in the store and read the sign saying “Cerebellum” charm set my mind kept trying to equate that into antebellum and I was expecting some kind of delightful old fashioned thing. I really just did not want to accept that we were talking about  WEARING BRAINS ON OUR NECKS AND EARS. And yet here I sit, complete with decorative brains and spiders. I especially love the little drapey charm skeleton bit on the left (MY left!!!).

of course I mow in exposed toe wedges. who doesn't?

Awesome pink version of the new dress and shirt from 5th and Oxford. I love the shirt soooo much. Looks great with jeans and shorts and really, anything. And of course I am wearing brand spankin’ new hair from beloved Truth. I decided on Daisy this week. So cute… I love a good pony tail and Truth has put out some of the best available (check out the Kristin, it’s fab. I have it in THREE fatpacks! Yes, insane, I know). Cute little lawn mower from RC Cluster btw (also part of 50L friday!) – I love that store soooo much I keep it in my picks because it really is just retardedly ridiculously fun. Affordable things and gifties all the time. And some wicked gross stuff too!

Also from Deco we have this cute watch necklace thing.. sort of Flava Flav but with class! You can see the gears moving and it’s glowy… I want to resize it to make it smaller so I can wear it without feeling like Flava Flav because he is incredibly annoying. And also gross. And not nearly as adorable as moi!

flava flaaaaaaaav…. *shoots self*

Let’s see what did I miss….. Oh!! CUTE socks from Pig. Hard to match with an outfit but really damn adorable. They remind me of the Batman character Harley Quinn (speaking of which, omg, when googling her I found out Kristin Bell will play her in upcoming new Batman movie, omg omg omg squee!) and I really like them! Also wearing 50L Journey Boots from and the 50L  Ahi set from Miel. I have to admit at first glance I did not like the Ahi set, but then I read it could be texture changed to silver and was then quite pleased with it. =)

mowing is tiring… where's my sexy man slave?!

I put a heart over my vajayjay because stickers are cool and while I have no problem flashing my pixel titties all over the place my pixel vajayjay is sacred! And viewed by no one. Ever. *brushes away cobwebs*

Also pictured but NOT from 50 L friday: Truth – Daisy – Black & Whites pack // Luck Inc White Button Down Shirt & Ruffle Mini Skirt Black Suede // Sitting Bunny from Happy Mood // Daisy Wedge Sandals from G Field in Pink // Grass Texture from Botanicals, 50L from 2 weeks ago.


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