smooth as silk(s and stickers)

They pay me to come up with these snappy titles.

In approximately 15 minutes (that’s 11 till 6 and then waiting 4 more to be “fashionably late”) I will be teleporting to a club my dear friend is DJ’ing at. I am a certified groupie of several DJ’s and many live musicians. I love music in SL, it’s a unifying activity and I like seeing people dance around all synchronized like in a movie. :D

It’s Silks night. So I am now tarted out in my gorean finest, silks complete with ripping emotes and smoothing emotes and so on. Let’s hope no one tries to rip my clothes off, because it’s a PG club. Yes. You heard that right. Silks night at a PG club. Well.. the land itself is mature but the club likes to keep it PG and why? Because ALL avatars are welcome. And I do mean all. Furries. Robots. Fashionistas. Military. Clergy. Old folks. T-girls. Gay guys. Elves. Bunnies. Dragons. Hobbits. Horses. Horsegirls. And children. Yes. Children. (I don’t really want to wrap my mind around the concept of Silks night with children, children in silks, or the children small enough to be perving my vajayjay without having to move their camera.) You can be anything you want with the caveat that your naughty bits are covered. Club Tera It’s a friendly environment. I will give it that. And my friend DJ’s there so you’ll see me shakin my thang there at least once a week. =P

I took these terrible snapshots so you could see my adorable silks and so I’d have excuse to play with the picnik stickers. *twirls mustache*




ps my silks really are nice. they are from Analise

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