50L skins & some other stuff

Oh Hi!

I was really looking forward to today being incredibly full and busy and awesome and like all things with great expectations, it has fallen disappointingly flat. There is still hope I suppose, but so far, so lame!

I picked up several cute skins for 50L (or 100 because I am stupid) – the first being from Tres Blah! for 50 L friday that I didn’t include in my yesterday entry about 50LF because I wanted to mention something special about it. =) It’s a really cute skin, with some badly smudged lipstick and unfortunate eye shadow, and zits. Yes, zits. And it IMMEDIATELY made me think OMG, I’m MARIGOLD!

EDIT EDIT EDIT – The TB skin is for Stumblebum and was 100L NOT 50L friday so its STILL available all weekend + I am retarded. <3

And this is a thought I have had before, because Marigold is a character from Questionable Content. It is my absolute favorite webcomic. Marigold is a relatively new character introduced last year. She is a lil chunky. She has wild brown hair and glasses and big brown eyes. She has zits and she doesn’t ever clean her room. She plays WoW all the time and raids like a crazy person, is incredibly socially awkward, hardly drinks alcohol ever and has no idea what the difference is between bourbon and scotch. If there is any. =P In short… Marigold is me!

the me in Marigold

Prior to the existence of Marigold, Hannelore was my favorite Questionable Content character – in fact I named and modeled my first SL avatar after her, the short-blonde-haired Hannelore Politevska.

Here are a couple of my favorite strips with Marigold (and Hanners): All Chicks Are Lesbians on the Interweb and Magical Love Gentlemen and Social Awkwardness Parade! It’s a really good comic and you guys should check it out!

So the other skins I got for 50L are from a store I’d never heard of before called Heartsick! They are really pretty and at 50L definitely a steal. The store sent out a notecard today saying they would have an exclusive makeup out in ALL tones for 50L every month. Pictured below are the March and April skins.. you ONLY HAVE A FEW MORE DAYS to pick up the March skin, so scoot!


So speaking of Tres Blah! as I was about 3 paragraphs and two tangents ago… I want more TB skins!!! I loved the lavender lippy skin that came out awhile back for what occasion I do not recall, and I really like this new one that reminds me of Marigold. But.. I don’t really like the skin line that is sold in the store currently. I like these better! And I want more like these. Selfish and demanding, yup that’s me. =P TB is a great shop though. I can’t complain about the offerings or the prices.

who doesn't love a good roosterin'?

Lastly some friends were admiring my cock shirt so I trotted them on down to +blacklisted+ to check out the offerings. =P Group shopping = lagtag + “are yourezzed yet?” lol.

*waves frantically*



2 responses to “50L skins & some other stuff”

  1. I <3 QC

    1. Me too, one of the greatest comics ever. :D

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