a rant: flexi alpha hair and emerald viewer “feature”

I have eaten and I have watched Sex and the City and I don’t feel any better. I logged in to SL again and got a note for a sale at Magika and I love sales so I went even knowing I would try on about 50 styles and not buy anything like I do every time I go to Magika.

But first let me bitch about a recently added “feature” in the Emerald viewer. As we all are aware, in your friends list there is a checkbox that allows you to set whether that friend can see if you are online or not. That’s fine. That’s dandy.

Recently the Emerald viewer added the ability to SEE IF YOUR FRIENDS HAVE CHECKED THAT BOX FOR YOU ON THEIR LIST. (CAPS!!! AHHH1!!1!1111)

ouch, baby. very ouch.

I really hate this feature, and not for the many previously blogged in various places reasons. I am not a private person and I don’t feel the need to hide or protect my identity or my prescence in SL from anyone or anything in ANY life. I am an open book, and I am for better or worse the same person in every world, be it the Linden grid, IRL, WoW’s azeroth etc. So I don’t ever use that little check-box to hide. I figure if I don’t want to talk to someone, I just won’t talk to them. If they talk to me first I can say “I don’t feel like talking right now” or put up a busy message. If I REALLY don’t want to talk to them, why the fuck would I have them on my friend’s list? And if they are a stalker, I would have blocked them long ago and if the issue persisted, brought it up with LL.

I know that some people do lead separate lives, or desire privacy or whatever their reasons for using that little checkbox are. I respect it even. BUT I DONT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

It HURT my feelings the first time I realized that someone had made it so I couldn’t see them being online. It bothered me so much that I actually had to message them. Before I messaged them I talked to someone else about it who does utilize the feature and I hoped they could shed some light on WHY it might be going on. But all I could think was that I had done something, offended or hurt the person in some way that led to them for all intents and purposes shutting me out of their virtual life. So yeah I messaged them, and they said they had set everyone to that because they didn’t want to be bombarded upon login. Multiple friends of theirs had noticed (like me) and felt hurt, so they didn’t do it anymore.

Anyway that was about 3 weeks ago and nothing really made me think of it again. Until a few days ago when I saw that someone I had been friends with in SL for as long as I have been playing had checked that little box by my name in their list. This person is going through a lot IRL. I understand and sympathize. They’d been feeling down and sad and so on and I had been making more effort of late to contact them and say hello on the rare occasions they logged in. But apparently that was the wrong thing to do because they checked that fucking box! lol.

I guess it’s irrational. But it hurts my feelings. And I think it was a TERRIBLE feature to add, for both sides of the story – the person who wants privacy, and the people they need to escape from. It’s invasive and it’s hurtful. I am told I might be able to turn off this “feature” but hey, the damage is already done.

Moving on…

Note: I am unsure if there is a better term for this hair than “flexi alpha” or if I am even using the terms right but I know at least some of you know what I mean. So yeah.

I (love)hate flexi alpha hair.

To clarify, I love the IDEA of it. I love how it looks in the posters, hell, I even love how it looks on me. Provided I am looking at myself from the front. And not moving too much. And not on a dance floor. Or near water.

It’s not really possible to capture my complaints in a picture because the fucking hair looks perfect in pictures. Sorry to my few readers who don’t play SL or wear alpha hair. =P

I hate how it doesn’t look 3 dimensional outside of a still photograph. I hate how absolutely deceptively gorgeous it is until you see it sinking into something or laying over a wall hanging wrongly or completely disappearing under the dance floor of your favorite club. And while it’s very clear that most other people are able to ignore these things, my nitpickyness does not allow to me to wear this hair. My second pet peeve about hair like this is that there is always a sculpted “cap” of hair around the skull and I (being the over sensitive nit picky bitch that I apparently am) can ALWAYS see it. It’s like one of those things where you see it and then it’s can’t be unseen and it just ruins the flow of the hair for me.


I think so many of the styles at Magika are adorable and I WANT to wear them I REALLY DO. But I can’t because I buy them and then I wear them and I think look how adorable my long flowing tresses are and then I move my camera or dance at a club and it just doesn’t work.

I want to wear these hairs from there and from places like Damselfy but I just can’t really. Here I am pictured in one of my favorite Magika hairs, Doll. It’s so cute. Sigh. =(

cute :x

So my mission today is to buy AND WEAR ALL DAY a Magika hair since they are on sale. Sabina Gully has VASTLY improved her textures (even since the one in the above pic) and they really are so pretty and soft and hairlike. Sigh sigh sigh! I love it, I hate it, I’m all over the damn place. I think I’m gonna buy the Juliette:

wherefore art thou…?

Oooookay so I was able to capture one of these elusive nitpicks on camera! It’s probably something barely noticeable to anyone else and the fact that it drives me batty is retarded.


So, there are hair makers out there who manage to blend scultped + flexi hair together to make hair that is realistic, and has BODY and is 3D yet still has movement and great textures. Ok. Scratch that. There is ONE hair maker out there who manages to blend it really well (if there’s another I haven’t heard of them and PLEASE IMMEDIATELY GIVE ME A LM). You know I’m talkin’ about Truth and nothin’ but the Truth! Yes I am a fangirl. I’ve been wearing his hair since almost my first week in SL, and it has been nothing but incredible that whole time. It’s INSANELY POPULAR for a reason people. It’s got texture, body, movement and fantastic styles – you know, just like we all wish our IRL hair did. =P

Now, this is not to say I don’t love other hair makers work. (I am reminded of a recent post at Juicybomb, on which i had commented and some anon person had commented criticizing GoGo for wearing only certain brands of hair) I do wear hair from other places sometimes, most notably Lamb, Detour, and Fri.day. The thing is, with Lamb and Fri.day the hair is almost always just scultped. And it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t have the movement I sometimes crave. Detour has alpha flexi hair but some of the darkest richest thickest black texture’s ever that I just love and wear often, and never ever have the issues of “not 3D” immersion ruination with.

But sometimes I just want to TOSS MY HEAD AROUND and have LONG LUXURIOUS LOCKS flying and flipping and tossing in the wind. And that is why I keep coming back to Magika. =P

I realize that this post is ridiculously long and no is actually going to read it. :x But I feel better, anyway.


One response to “a rant: flexi alpha hair and emerald viewer “feature””

  1. {{{{hugs}}}}

    I know how you feel about the alphas. I love Magika hair–I have a lot of it–but it can be aggravating, too. I have the same problem with Analog Dog, even though (again) I love their hair. My favorite from Analog Dog is called Minna, though–it doesn’t have those issues that I’ve noticed, and it’s gorgeous.

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