vive9 gifties and i learned something new

rage filled?!

So. I have a new layout. It’s nice. It’s also one of the most commonly used layouts ever but, oh well. Being a unique snowflake is SO 1999. =P

I finally finally finally made it in to the vive9 sim to pick up the giftbags. I loved a lot of the skins and I figured this was a good time for me to learn that spiffy and exciting technique that everyone but me seems to know for blogging skins.

The oh-so-complicated grid of images all the same size and scale! I am really proud of myself for figuring out a way to do this, lol. What seems simple and everyday to other bloggers is new and exciting territory for this newbie!

Something I found to bitch about – fucking idiot second lifers. Okay people we’ve all been here how long? You’re bitch bitching bitching in local chat about the lag and how you can’t get any of the free stuff and “omg i cnt bulief this shit linden lab sucks vive9 sucks i demand my free shit rite now.” I despise you, random SL people!

You’re blingin’ and you’re blangin’ and your super scripted prim feet and twitching cat tails and ass-presenting AO and pierced elf ears and six miles of flexi hair and ridiculous ballgowns with 45 layers of glowy shit. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WEAR THAT SHIT INTO A SIM YOU KNOW DAMN WELL IS FULL?! You KNOW there will be a ton of people there. You KNOW it’s going to be laggy before you even get there. You KNOW it’s a stressed sim because you had to try teleporting 40 times just to get in. So why, oh idiot shoppers, do you go there in your full “fuck me i’m super OG/unique/awesome/most hated/DRAMAFREE/bitchkitten” finest? This isn’t a fashion show or a party, it’s a shop and NO ONE is looking at you.

Except me, and I fucking hate you. K?

So anyway, about the gifties. It’s TONS of stuff and I really haven’t sorted through all of it yet. But I did want to show some of the skins I really liked. =) And thank BluAbyss Denimore & company for setting out these gifties for us. I feel it was definitely worth the wait and effort for me to get into the sim and pick this stuff up. Without further ado, I present (some of) the skins!

click for larger
click for larger
click! for! larger!
click motherfucker! do you speak it!? (that was weak, i know)

So in the top peeeecture I am wearing the Nest Leggings in Burgandy which are also one of the (previously unreleased) gifties. In the skin photos I am wearing the vintage eyes in Lucid Black, all the eyes come in a gift bag as well. Sweater is Raspberry Fluff Soft Cotton Pullover w/ bra from Pig and Shoes are Strawberry Fluffcake flats from 50L Flats. The shoes don’t REALLY match the outfit at all but I like wearing things with FLUFF in the name. To make up for it I added the BER necklace (old 50L item from Miel) which matches the outfit but sadly, not the shoes. Damn shoes. =P Oh and Soma hair from Lamb, one of my new favorite hairs. :D And the skin is another of the vive9 gifties, the Fresh Risque which is by far my favorite line from that store – I wish I had found it before now, lol.

In WoW news, I did not log in there last night. I straight up skipped the raid without even a text message to the raid leader – something I’ve literally NEVER DONE EVER in the history of raiding. Seriously. I don’t do that. I felt guilty all night, lol. =( Silly I know. I still am not sure how to rectify that whole situation.


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