hopscotch pose fair preview part 1 + surf co + mild self pity

Easy Silence – The Dixie Chicks

I wonder how long these titles can be, anyway. Something to test for the future!

Chandni Khondji of *~*HopScotch*~* passed some poses to me – in fact ALL of her Pose Fair poses! xD How generous and exciting. I love them all they are super great but my favorites by far are the couple poses from the “Best Friends Ever” set. Oh My God so cuuuuuute! I knew I wanted to blog them immediately if not sooner, and I knew I wanted to do it in the brand spankin’ new Surf Co. dresses, and I knew I needed a friend.

Oh. Crap.

Yeah see, I don’t really have any friends who are willing to a) spend money on what I want them to buy for a particular shoot and b) patience to sit while I adjust pose balls and focus prims and so on. I NEEEEEEEED a friend like that. We always joke about needing a boyfriend (or girlfriend) store, but what I need is a Bestie Friend Store. =P lol!

Yes I am pathetic.

The poses in this set are really, really sweet. They remind me of young girls playing in a field of wildflowers, and then a montage of them growing into young teens, then young women, still running through the field picking wildflowers together. It’s a really nice set. =)

who's that lady?

So who is this stunning willowy blonde ingénue, you might ask? Clearly some charitable soul has taken pity on you, Bunny. Clearly someone out there has a heart, has the compassion to pose with an aspiring fashionista photographer!

Clearly, that somebody is me. Yes, enter my previously blogged about former main avatar. =P She was sadly outdated, I had to make a whole new shape from scratch because I hated her old one. Luckily I had a fairly recent Truth hair on her, and even more luckily, DSkin holds up to the test of time, still one of the most stunning faces I have had the pleasure of wearing. Aside from the funky armpit shading in above picture, she’s looking pretty damn good. I am pleased.

lay off the twinkies, bish

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures with myself on these poses that were symbolic of loving friendship. Yippie. =P Seriously, I had a ton of fun but it was also tinged with the sadness of knowing that I just don’t have someone that I feel this way about, who feels this way about me.

is there a banana in your pocket or…

I don’t know where this person is. I sometimes think that because I am too scatterbrained, too incapable of really multi-tasking when I get into a project or person, that there is no one person out there to be my bestie because I’m not good enough to be theirs. Does that self-pitying logic make any sense at all to anyone but me? =P I guess I am saying that because of how I am, it’s pretty impossible to get to know me, and more impossible to put up with my difficult ways once you do. *nod* I’ve been working hard to branch out and make myself more open to people but I have trouble with it still. I promise friends o’ mine, I’m trying!


And that’s the end of the pity party, for today at least. =P I hope that keeping it sammiched in between pictures and random fashionish statements that it won’t drive all the readers away! So now let’s talk fashion. New Surf Co. dresses = omg omg omg? Yes, they definitely do rate omgx3. They come in a ton of springy fabrics and there are matching wedgey shoes, yay!

easy silence

Who is so excited about Pose Fair that they could just die?! Me that’s who. =P Also very tired and this post is sounding frighteningly shrill with an edge of hysteria in my brain voice.

Also Pictured:

On Bunny: Magika – Bean, Caroline’s – Anne Crystal Gold, Earth Stones – Stacked Spectrum Bracelet Gold, Lara Skins – Heather, KHUSH – lyric fun tattoo

On Hannelore: Truth – Linda, Paper Courture – Gold Diamond Bee Necklace, D-Skin

I don’t feel like making links for these places because it’s almost 3 am and I am tired! I promise to work on my SLURLS page soon.


4 responses to “hopscotch pose fair preview part 1 + surf co + mild self pity”

  1. Chandni Khondji Avatar
    Chandni Khondji

    Oh my, i LOVE your pictures, thank you so much for using my poses for them, they look absolutely adorable with you two :) Awesome blogpost :))

  2. it was my pleasure. :D looking forward to posting some others today.

  3. I should introduce you to my friend Tara. She’s a fab dresser, too, and a fabulous shopper, and decorator, and organizer in SL. :-D And she does the same scatterbrained-while-doing-a-project thing. lol

  4. always game to meet new people. :D

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