hopscotch pose fair preview part 2 + truth + i learned stuff + more cool crap + how long can these titles be, anyway?

Oh. Hi!

So I spent a long time yesterday working up some pictures of myself in an “attitudeful” outfit in the new attitude pose set from Hopscotch. I looked like a badass bitch barbie, and it suited the pose set. But then I realized I wasn’t really feeling “into it.” I was able to place my finger on the problem pretty easily (for once): it wasn’t ME. I had so much fun during my other hopscotch preview post because the clothes I was wearing and the look I was projecting was a very comfortable one for me. I love pastels, pretty casual clothing, things that are soft and comfortable.

I decided to shelve the blog for the day, put on an outfit that was much more ME (jeans and a sweater, me in every life) and head out to see AMForte (soooo awesome!) sing with my dear friend Ellowyn Messmer. Now, speaking of Ellowyn – in between me making the outfit up and doing the poses etc, I mentioned to Ell some troubles I was having with photoshop which I am just learning how to use. Out of the infinite kindness and patience of her heart, Ell spent about 3 hours teaching me some things about photoshop, built me a photoglobe posestand to help manage my animations, and defended me from a wierd dude. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Anyway, his guy glued himself “like a bug on a windshield” (as Ell said) and pestered us with silly questions about the dynamics between men and women, specifically how “girls have no purpose without men.” Oh yeah. THAT kind of statement goes over SO WELL with chicks. Try it more often, bro. =P I had a picture of him stuck to the window (he couldn’t be budged, we tried) but I guess I deleted it.

So moving on! I have a bunch of new and exciting stuff to share! #1 OMFG new Truth hair. Yes I am sure that just about everyone has already blogged it but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn! =P I LOVE CURLY HAIR. OH GOD. I love it sooooo much and Truth has (as always) delivered. Of course I am still limiting myself to only one Truth per week, and it was a really really hard choice this time, lol. I loved the long pony tail type style also but I refrained. *mope* Also new in this picture is the Eva Version 2 from Tuli – she sent everyone who purchased the skin originally a second version. Apparently the face highlighting has been updated to be more attactive (how could it be more attractive?!) in different lighting situations. I can’t really tell the difference, but oh well. =P I will wear V2 anyway, because I think she’d prefer it. Or something? Also I got the MOST ADORABLE NECKLACE EVER in the Gacha machine at Pink Fuel yesterday when I stopped by to pick up some demos for a skin I already have in a different tone. I restrained myself from buying the Skye skin again but only just barely. -_- I played the Gacha a bunch and got several adorable versions of the necklace (it glows, has floaty fairy dust, and rings when you “poke” it!) but not the rare version which has little skullies in it… probably will go back to play more Gacha. =P Last but NOT least, Laqroki has released some new eyes! They are gorgeous but a little spendy at 100L a pop considering they come in only one version, and don’t offer veins/size/prim options. To showcase my new goodies and my very ME outfit, I decided to make a collage! Witness my artsy crafty poweerrrssssss:

ooo aahhhh

Oh hey, remember when I said I wouldn’t buy those 2Real Pure shoes because they were 600L and I clearly couldn’t spend that on shoes? Yeah, that was a lie. Since I am here in these pictures. Wearing them.

Hey look over there, poses!

kerri strug, you ain't got nothin' on me!

So now to talk about the stuff I learned! I learned sort of how to make the collages of a single avatar doing lots of poses all in one picture. It took me FOREVER and it’s still pretty rough around the edges. I don’t think this is something I’ll be doing very often lol, I have NO IDEA how people who make poses have the patience to do this for their vendors, or how bloggers who do this regularly manage it either. It was extremely time consuming and frustrating!

attitude? me? as if!

I covered up mistakes with a bunny and a peep. LOL. Clearly I need more practice at this kinda thing. Oh I forgot to mention that my pose in the first picture is also from Hopscotch, it’s part of the Jump series which I love and will be using a lot in the future! Ahhhh pose fair is almost upon us, ahhhhhh!

So my biggest issue about doing pictures like this has far and away got to be getting the background out of the hair. The ONLY way I’ve manage to do this lil montage at all is by making the final image backdrop be the same as all the starter image backdrops and then just filling it after cropping and pasting them together. I CANNOT seem to get them onto any other kind of background because of my inability to get the color our from between the hair wispies. =( Any advice on this is most welcome.

Also pictured:

Jeans – Dana 76 – Decoy
Tank – Cutay – KHUSH
Cardigan – Long Sleeve – Fri.day
Kitten – Mischief Kitten Keychain – *M*



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