it’s that friday time again

I almost didn’t make a blog today at all. It was a very, very near thing. IMMENSE VIEWER FRUSTRATION. AMG. I also LEARNED something today but I am going to save it to blog about tomorrow because frankly, I have had a very trying day and want to stab people in the face!

So I am going to show you just a few of the things I picked up today – which in reality is so much I couldn’t possibly show you all of it, due to my viewer woes I haven’t even looked at everything yet.

All poses used credited in the peecutre – ALL available now at Pose Fair! :D


I’m just gonna run through the items real quick like, since I know *most* people reading this already know about them anyway. 50L Friday items: Harness from Kyoot, Totebag from Tres Blah!, Swallow Tattoos from the Habitat, Chest Tattoo from Pididdle. Starlust Hunt Item: Bunneh Mask from Split Pea.

ooo, stuff?!

50LF: SUPER AWESOME table and display shelf from Kyoot – ONLY THREE PRIMS EACH. Yeah you heard that right. Corn dog (noms) from Surf Co, Rubber Duckie floater from Reek!

Inset: 50LF hair from Tiny Bird! Starlust Hunt items: Forest Dress from :WhoNose:


Starlust Hunt item: ENTIRE OMG CUTE outfit is from Astraia – please note the absolutely fucking cutest thing ever bunneh peeps necklace. =) I have no doubt it’s going to be a staple in my outfits long after Easter is over!

Also pictured, but not (super) new! Skin – Nomine: Tristessa Heart, Hair – Detour: Short Bob, Socks – Pig, Shoes – Tesla: High Oxfords

So I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY ANGRY. Earlier. But now I am not, and I am actually having a nice time in SL and feel much better about things in general (now that I am back to using emerald viewer *coughs*) than I did when I first started this post over 4 hours ago. Lawl. Tomorrow will be BETTER and I will be showing off something new I am learning!

TTFN and Happy Friday!


One response to “it’s that friday time again”

  1. I. heart. yourshoes! And I’m addicted to your blog. And to Wide Lawns, thanks to you. lol

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