So in the middle of me making my last blog entry, Atomic sent out a notice about their most recent group giftie. And, well, um.

I died of cute.


This skin is so beyond cute.. adorable, everything. UNGH!!!! Ok, I HATE teeth skins. HATE. THEM. They never look very good, and are always ugly on my shape, and just.. mrgh! But when I saw this skin I fell in complete and total love. And when I put it on… it looked adorable on me, no shape changing required. The perfect for Bunny bunny teeth skin. I am soooo much in love. :D:D:D

Also worn – Hair from Lamb., Bunny Hoodie from Atomic (stumblebum), Bunny Burlesque in Sky from Has Been.

Here’s a closeup. *dies from cute all over again*


I love Easter so much! Best time in SL EVAR!!111!!!!!1!!1!11

*noms a cadbury egg and wanders away from the computer*

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