starlust hunt +lfauna giftie + i learned stuff again! :D

Oh hello!

I learned something so exciting. So wonderful – so amazing beyond anything in the world! I have to thank QueenKellee Kuu for her amazing blog tutorial about masking to prepare transparent (or regular) items for excellent photography and such in SL. Seriously, this tutorial has rocked my world. It has completely resolved my issue with adorable wispy hair bits in pictures, and is incredibly easy to do once you’ve done it a couple times, you’ll remember, it’s super!

And I did more work on the Starlust hunt. I think I found all the eggies but I am not going to picture everything here because it’s just too much and sadly, some of it is kind of .. um. not to my taste, to say diplomatically. =P It’s important to note that everything, or at least all the eggs I found, is 10L or less.

So, to give a rundown – EVERYTHING in the picture above is from the Starlust Egg Hunt aside from my skin and hair and t-shirt. Shoes are Ingenue, knitty socks from SilentSparrow (oh god, cute), frilly undies from Whippet & Buck, Mosaic Shell Cap & Wooly Owl Egg from Saturnine Dreams, Shoulder Bunneh from Sanu, Easter Dress from SD Wears.

My hair is of course the Mena from Truth… very possibly I will never ever take it off! =P Skin is a brand new group gift out today from L.Fauna called Faberge (all her new makeups are soooooo gorgeous)! The T-shirt was free from Chandni of Hopscotch, it’s tintable and fun. I give a damn, DO YOU?! If not, you should!

Lazy Bag Chair, Mosaic Shell Rocker, Hatchling Eggie from Saturnine Dreams, Colazzo Chair w/ Pink Back from Republica, Wool Leggings from NUT, Boyfriend Racerback tank from !Ohmai! (Bunny Flop Shoes from Atomic, not new or free.

Lastly here is the first picture I made with the tutorial linked above. I wasn’t going to post it here but then I decided it was pretty damn CUTE! Everything I am wearing below is from Sand Shack Surf Co (which apparently we are all calling Surf Couture now) and is delightful. =) (Pose is from (pda)!)

peace, bitches!


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