bunnehs from spaaaaaace

So we tried out some of a the couples/group poses from the Pose Fair yesterday, and naturally it was decided that the person with the least actual artistic talent and newbiest photog skills ought to take the only picture we manage to snap. lawl.

I made space! The final frontier!

where no bunneh has gone before

Pose: WetCats – Paparazzi

Clear and Meila are bloggers too and take MUCH prettier pictures than I do, and have great style so please do read them! :D

My irl man and I have lately been watching Star Trek TNG (our mission: to watch all from the beginning) and so I am a little space brained, lol. Also its 10 AM and I’ve been up an hour already even though I didn’t sleep till 5!!! But that’s because I felt sort of barfy. I made some food and felt better and think that now I will go back to bed. =P

Happy Easter!

Oh wait credits of stuff in pic – Bunneh Hoodies from Atomic (stumblebum) – My pants are from Decoy, Bra from Whippet & Buck. Hair is Lamb. On Clear is Surf Co pants I am pretty sure.. for the shirt I have no idea. Hair is Fri.day. On Meila I have no clue where the clothes are from! But her hair is Fri.day also. And all of our shoes are from Buttons, but unreleased. If I was a real fashionista I would know bettar. Oh and skins are Clear: LAQ, ME: Atomic, Meila: L. Fauna.

TTFN again!


5 responses to “bunnehs from spaaaaaace”

  1. ♥ you should of asked me! lol
    Undershirt is freebie from fri.day
    tights are from :S:ycophancy part of their 10 egg hunt for easter. ;D

    1. i love it too but next time one of yous is taking the pix! =P

      if you click it and look at full size you can see Clear’s UVULA. dirty!

  2. I think you take pretty good pics too Ms. Bunny!

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