minty choco bunny – {MV} + urbanity + more yum

I has 2 outfits to share today featuring green and brown which is like delicious chocolates! Andes Mints are a HUGE nostalgia candy for me, my Nana used to have them all the time and they were totally delicious. Yummy brown chocolates filled with pretty green stuff, like mint n chip ice cream but not cold! So delish.

Little did Apatia Hammerer know the warm fuzzy feelings she would unleash when setting out the Duo Tone Socks mit Suspenders in “Andes Mint” (two other cool versions included also)  for one of the eggs in the Starlust Egg Hunt. xD I was lucky to find something that matched them perfectly before I had even unpacked the egg, this adorable (on sale for only 60L!) jumpsuit from Urbanity. :D My outfit today makes me SOOOO happy, it’s my “Hi, Happy Easter, I am a Porno Girl Scout” outfit of the day!

And yes. I damn well will continue to abuse the hell out of the Picnik Easter sticker set. =P

I saw these delightful pants being worn over here on Boy Ach. They are an upcoming release for the very soon to be opened {MV} and I looooove them. Such a pretty green color and totally fitting in my with my minty chocolate mood. :D The ass of pants are very important to me… Yes I think I said that right. THE ASS MATTERS, PEOPLE! =P If the butt on the pants is no good then your butt is no good and no one wants a bad butt. NO ONE. These pants have a great butt, relaxed and boyfriendy. I like em!

I wore a lot of other stuff in these pix! Skin in both is the recent L. Fauna group giftie. =)

Pic 1: Hair – Lamb: WhoopDiDo, Shoes – Tesla: High Oxfords, Bra – Cheeky Girl for Whippet & Buck: Elfie, Ears & Tail – free from Ozimals with a basic bunny purchase. Necklace and Shoulder Bunneh previously blogged.

Pic 2: Hair – Argrace: Fedora Hat Glamorous Wavy, Top – MichaMi: top half of Anouk Jumpsuit, Bangles – Fishy Strawberry past freebie, Boots – J’s Western Boots

AND NOW! It’s time to go to the Mixed-Up Bunneh Hunt! YAY I am so excited. =)


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