clawtooth divinity + procrastination + some free crap

ALERT. BUBBLES CLAWTOOTH HAS ROCKED MY WORLD TODAY. HAIRGASMIC. I am serious. I have been anxiously awaiting this release since it was plurked a few days ago and the fabulous man-lady DID NOT dissapoint with this hair. It is divine. I have no other word! I feel simultaneously roaring 20’s and contemporary casual and delicately feminine. Thank you Bubbles! Scultped loveliness with just the barest hint of tasteful flexi! And it’s sort of tied into a loopy hair bow, and I, just, love, it! :D

lovely liz – snow (glamorous blondes)

I’ve been a little bit slackery in the blog department lately!!

So I am going to show you some free crap (and by crap I mean cooool crap) I picked up yesterday at the opening of the Pookie sim.

And I’m blogging some pictures that I think are pretty and I like the stuff and I DON’T CARE that I already blogged it and/or it is no longer available. =P It’s my blog and I’ll suck if I want to!

PLEASE NOTE: My Friend Clear! Made the pose in this last picture, I love it, it’s called Love’s Soldier and we all want her to make MOAR poses don’t we?! *nod nod nod*

I am having too much fun at present to write more.



Edit. Ok I feel bad for not making more effort to label things!

Previously blogged/old/potentially not available stuff: Skin – Tres Blah. Boots – J’s Western Boots. Books – Yellow Undies – L. Fauna (Starlust egg). Dress – Surf Couture. Heirloom Necklace – Paper Couture.

Free Stuff @ Pookie: Chair – ::POOKEA::. Lamp – +mocha+. Leggings – Tee*fy. Shirt – !Ohmai

Potted Seedling – Kinokoko (free at paw paw sim)

One response to “clawtooth divinity + procrastination + some free crap”

  1. ♥ all the freebies!
    and yus! clear needs to make more poses.
    go clear, go!

    i think my fav. thing out of all the dollarbies/freebies
    is definitely the eggshell light. cause i’m weird. yeah.

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