just stand still and look pretty

Stand Still, Look Pretty – The Wreckers

I feel sooooo lazy lately. I think I feel like I am now obligated to blog because there are people clicking here every day – readers are what I wanted right? Right. SO WHY AM I BITCHING?! Who knows, bitches be fickle, and I am no exception. Lots of 50LF goodies and btw…

I am IN LOVE with Whippet & Buck. They are so awesome and I wear their clothing alllll the time and they make me so happy with every 50LF and Stumblebum they are in!

Also in this picture is the BADASS Ball Pit photobox from Olive Juice. <3 I love Olive Juice, one of my favorite pose stores by far. I took waaaaaaaay too many pictures. =P But oh well.

Worn: Stumblebum boat neck in tomato puree from Whippet & Buck. Cropped Bustier in Electric from Whippet & Buck. Dana 76 Jeans from Decoy. Flats from Buttons (soon, really, she promises!) =P

Worn: 50LF dress from Doppleganger, 50LF shoes from Kookie, 50LF glasses from Fishy Strawberry.

Worn: Stumblebum Boat neck and 50LF flutter tank from Whippet & Buck. Eva Slingbacks from Nardcotix. It’s my party and I’ll poof if I want to Hat from La Petite (Mixed Up Bunneh Hunt). Circle Skirt, Artilleri

On Meila – she blogged her outfit here.

I wanted to add a close up of these Glasses from Fishy Strawberry because they are SOOOOO CUTE and color change AND have optional rhinestones. <3<3<3

I wanna paint my face and pretend that I am someone else
Sometimes I get so fed up I don’t even wanna look at myself
But people have problems that are worse than mine
I don’t you to think I’m complaining all the time
And I hate the way you look at me I have to say…

I wish I could start over again

I am slowly falling apart
I wish you’d take a walk in my shoes for a start
You might think it’s easy being me

I just stand still and look pretty


3 responses to “just stand still and look pretty”

  1. Indeed. I picked up the shoes and dress and glasses from 50LF, too. I *love* glasses RL and SL, and these might become my favorite pair.

    Oh, and I will keep reading your blog regardless of absences, just so’s ya know. I’m a blog addict. ;-D And you’re awesome. :)

  2. You’re adorable! I love your blog, even when a pony slips in, and I think any blogger get’s bitchin about not wanting to blog every once in a while, lol. Where were you when I was trying to name the Ball Pit??? It is a PHOTOBOX, doh, that makes sense. Damnit, I’m IMing you next time, hahaha. Ty! <333

    1. LOL. IM me any time I am pretty good at naming things for other people and then i name my cat things like “kitty” xD

      Thanks for the kind words Bella and Sin!

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