olive juice + baustein (a story) + fri.day


Maybe I’m getting my mojo back? =P

So a couple things… I am finally, finally getting around to blogging the new Fri.day releases which naturally everyone else has already covered. I don’t much care, I love them so much I don’t mind blogging them again. ^^ Also found below will be pictures of my rabbits, the Olive Juice subscribo giftie, and my brand spankin’ new and much beloved Square Bunny Pen from Baustein! And a few other things too! And I have a story to tell about it (the pen)!

So I finally decided my bunnies needed a real pen, as I am really working on breeding them towards specific results and merging my family of bunnies with Meila’s… granted she only has one bunny but I aim to change that! =P I knew exactly what one I wanted, the adorable hedge with a wooden door from Baustein. I bought it last night and was SO EXCITED OMG and I rezzed it and… it didn’t rez. My pen couldn’t get it up! How sad!!! But don’t worry dear pen, it happens to all prims sometimes… honest…

That’s the elf Mainit Hellman himself come to ponder the mystery! I was quite upset over this thing but guess what, dear readers?! HE FIXED IT. And gave me a brand new pen to make up for it! :D:D AND he even refunded me! Which he did not at all have to do because I now have a functioning pen! He was so nice and kind and patient through the whole thing – excellent personal service from Baustein!

Yes that is me abusing the spring stickers again. Don’t judge me I can’t help it! It’s just like Lisa Frank but better. =P I love this standalone step ladder from Olive Juice, which is also featured in Bella’s adorable flowery photobox for the Bloom event thinger which I have tried to ignore because I’m broke. =P

I also managed to drag my butt over to the 5th and Oxford sale right before it ended and snag some adorable lingerie on the cheap. Woot!

Step Ladder: Olive Juice
Square Bunny Pen: Baustein
Jacket – Tank – Shoes – Hair: Fri.day
Lingerie Set: 5th & Oxford
Skin: Pink Fuel (themeory)
Butterfly: [LAP]
Cig: Hermony
Panties: Kyoot (themeory)

No bunnies were harmed or inappropriately mated
with during the making of this blog post.


2 responses to “olive juice + baustein (a story) + fri.day”

  1. ♥ love! you look adorableee in every picture and the bunnies were hot too. they need to boom boom pow already :\

    great post <3 yay to mojo being back. i so lost mine =x thanks!

  2. LOL! <3 Lisa Frank, <3 you more now. And not because of the mention, that's just a bonus. IT'S LISA FRANK REFERENCES THAT WIN MY HEART! Hahaha

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