rawr means i love you…

Well I’m not really aware of any dinosaurs that breathed fire, but what the hell, artistic licence. I’m artistically licensing that dinosaurs like REPTAR (oh yeah) breathed fired and that is what is on this AMAZING AND DELIGHTFUL sweater that I purchased yesterday.

Now I do believe it is a man sweater and thus the shading is not quite hooterific but the awesomeness of the sweater defeats any boobtastical lackingness.

I’ve made up so many things in this post already I better show a picture to distract you!

Sweater: Strayer
Skirt: Tyranny (themeory)
Shoes: Buttons
Hair: Clawtooth
Skin: Pink Fuel (themeory)
Poses: [LAP]

And now a closeup because the upcoming line from Pink Fuel, Ember, is already totally rocking my world. I can’t wait to get my greedy little midget hands on it. Also had to give a nice close up of this phenom sweater. This is motherfucking reptar lighting motherfucking candles on a motherfucking cupcake on motherfucking fire.


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