spring quickie at the bunny ranch

Ah, spring. The birds are singing, the crickets are chirping, love is in the air!

And back on the rabbit farm…

[0:30]  Bunny Blindside: omg
[0:30]  Bunny Blindside: MISS KITTY IS READY
[0:30]  Meila Solo: omg FLUFFSTERS
[0:30]  Meila Solo: MAN UP
[0:30]  Meila Solo: QUICK
[0:30]  Meila Solo: NOW!
[0:31]  Bunny Blindside: we need to get fluffsters hard pronto or something
[0:31]  Bunny Blindside: fluff the fluffster
[0:31]  Bunny Blindside: go go
[0:31]  Meila Solo: this is so wrong lmao

I am so frustrated by these fucking [NOT FUCKING] rabbits!

Meila took me to a super awesome store where everything was pastel and cheap – just like me! Nyuk nyuk. I tried taking a picture but I fail at picture taking. Since Meila fails at blogging I decided to just steal… er.. appropriate… ninja? One of her shots and slap it on here.

On Bunny: Dress – Parallel Love, Cardigan – Pig, Hair – Truth, Skin – Pink Fuel (themeory)

On Meila: Dress – Humming, Hair – Fri.day, Skin – LAQ

TTFN! <3

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