thank you

I was going to write a more wordy post about my musings on family/kid av experiences but I decided to table it for later and instead say thank you.

Thank you SL. And everyone in it. Because although today was terrible IRL, filled with ouchie pain and irritation and blindness and worry and so on and so forth – SL and my friends in it made it all ok. And even though I was out of contact with my RL boyfriend all day – and probably will be for awhile – I wasn’t as lonely as I could have been. Though I missed him terribly, since we usually talk all day one way or another. =(

Today saw Meila and I running around as kid avs and then moving into a super awesome new place with the help of Wyatt. Many pictures of that to follow!

Thank you Wyatt! (also thanks for the random 142L, what was that about?! ninja logger. =P)

(thanks Meila for above piccy of us being adorable kids!)

Thank you Plurk, for being a new and endless source of amusement.

Thank you Emerald Viewer, for crashing everyone I knew 3898685674586 times today, causing IM’s to become borked almost beyond repair or legibility.

Thank you Lucky-Cat-I-Don’t-have-yet for getting me a new job in SL – woot! More on that later.

Thank you Rizzy for listening to me whine and bitch about the same old things over and over.

Thank you precious Maddie Mistwood for spending hours and hours at my side being cute and fun and huggling me – although you didn’t know it, it was making me feel much better about my irl pain and troubles.

Thank you to the record-making 114 viewers who stopped by today and making what I do here slightly less pointless. =P

Thank you Meila for being super loving even when I am crotchety and unlovable. Thanks for spending all day with me when you were sicker than I was irl. =P Thanks for being made of awesome and chicken wings.

I feel really lucky right now. =)

TTFN! <3

2 responses to “thank you”

  1. {{{{hugs}}}} And thank *you* for posting, which makes me a happy girl! I’m sick today, too, so all the pictures were an awesome surprise! I hope you are feeling better, and I hope you get to talk to your bf soon!

    Is that your new place? It looks lovely. :)

    1. yup, its much smaller than where we were and very cozy and i loooooooooooove it. i am not a very pro decorator though so the inside of the house needs Meila, lol. =P

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