i am a slacker!

I am so sorry!

First I want to thank all you for the comments both here and in world on my last post. It received way more positive feedback than I thought it would and it seemed to ruffle no feathers in a negative fashion (that I noticed). I consider it and my new look a success. YAY FOR ME.

But then I didn’t blog for 4 days. I have been plagued with a tension headache irl that just won’t quit. My personal life is really stressful right now I guess, and I can’t seem to shake this constant pain. =( It is physical and it is emotional pain too, somehow, like my thoughts literally ACHE and I just want to cry and cry but crying makes it worse! ARGH! I kept starting blogs and then quitting, I have like 6 drafts sitting here unfinished because it just didn’t work. I have felt so overwhelmed both in SL and IRL that I just shut down. SO. Updates. With a couple pix thrown in. =P

ALL POSES ARE FROM: [Whole Lotta Rosie] by Isabeau Reinard who very generously provided me with a FUCKTON of poses after reading my blog about body acceptance etc. For anyone who doesn’t know, Is creates poses for larger avatars – and the poses are carefully and lovingly crafted and offered in two versions. Here is an excerpt from the notecard offered with purchase:

Great care has been taken in the creation of each pose. I’ve done my absolute best to:
– ensure limbs are not “eaten” by other body parts
– limit the amount of body twisting
– prevent the breaking of limbs
– avoid squaring off your behind
Each pose is tested with at least 3 but up to 6 (yes, SIX!) different shapes to achieve maximum compatibility.

The time spent shows, people! Each pose is fabulous and works with both my fat and thin shape (I tested ’em all in both). Top quality work from a new pose creator!

1. I did some 50LF. Skipped themeory this week, it was not uber like before. =( And my favorite shop on the list didn’t have an item out – I assume because the designer was busyIRL and probably shouldn’t have been on the list anyway. =P I’m starting to wonder if the volume of events and special releases required is burning out our beloved designers. It must be hard as hell to keep coming up with a new themed item week after week for the various events.

2. I was pretty focused on WoW this weekend. I managed to kill Arthas on my priest, yay! Also got a ton of gear upgrades and some valuable experience, as well as several hard modes down. (I am happily back to being Horde on Rexxar with my old guild, raiding only 2 days a week at casual member status. I’ve been welcomed back with open arms and it’s pretty nice. The Exiled rocks. ^^ Plus I get to use both my characters, which makes me happy since I love healing on both!)

3. I ALSO got a wodin’s neck which I told today for less than it’s worth to a cute little hunter who really really wanted it. He equipped it right in front of me and did a happy dance and I was really pleased I could make someone happy through my good luck. I did of course, turn a profit – I’m kind but not OVER generous. =P I will still be able to level jewelcrafting on my priest without having to dip into my (already considerable) gold-pile. Yay!

4. I quit my SL job before it even started. The very thought of it was making me nauseous. So, that’s the end of that! lol. Sorry to the employers I let down, but yeah. It just wasn’t gonna happen. This job required 11 (eleven!!!!) group slots which would mean maintaining and logging into a third account every week and though that may not seem like a big deal, to me it was just too much. I already play 2 characters regularly, and for me, that’s the limit – in SL and in WoW. Not to mention it would cut into the time I spend with my personal relationship peoples… just not worth it.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Oh, I am wearing my same new shape in both skins above, I find it works really well with a light skin as much as a dark one. Yippie!


Pink Avatar: Plastik (50LF) (skin, pink & black outfit, eyes)
Hair: Magika – Elliot, Clawtooth – Lovely Liz Pony (stumblebum), 50LF Tiny Bird (can’t remember the name now and sl is closed, AH!)
Blue outfit: Zaara – Syona Kurta set (sky)
Shoes: Surf Co – Shoelace Sandals (50LF)
Other Skin:  [KA] Skins Bardot Zuri + LeLutka tattoo layer makeup (prior group gift)
Boots: theosophy Airth (50LF)
Undies: League – Tangas (50LF)
Other Shoes: Lelutka

I probably missed some things but my head hurts and I suck!

6 responses to “i am a slacker!”

  1. is it just me or does my head seem ginormous in relation to my body. wtf mate!

  2. May GOD Bless!!! Mark

  3. Thanks! o.o

  4. 11 group slots? o.O I had an SL job that required 4 at one point, and I thought *that* was way too much! I’m glad to hear you got lots of positive feedback on your previous entry and no blatant negatives; let’s hope it’s a sign of more acceptance!
    Sorry to hear about the RL issues, and this is something I can also relate to. The large majority should be more than understanding, and know that you’re a person, not a blogging machine. If they don’t, well, stuff ’em.

  5. What on earth did the job need 11 for?? Sheesh!

    {{{{hugs}}}} I hope your headache and stress leave soon!

    1. Well, they are very serious about promoting this musician, lol. And she is popular, so i guess it works! =P

      thanks <3

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