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If you know me, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE prim feet. Even people I know irl that don’t play SL know I love prim feet. So I was of course ECSTATIC that Maitreya (my favorite prim foot purveyor) released a new shoe. I don’t care for the sock with sandal options, but they didn’t dissappint me there – there’s a barefoot version too.

And these shoes are PERFECTION. Beautifully textured of course, and VERY easy to tint. I want to make special mention that these shoes come with a notecard chock full of settings for tons of popular skins and their various tones. So much effort and time to gather that kind of detail – and it’s definitely appreciated. If you are a prim foot virgin, this is a great place to start.

Sadly they didn’t have a setting for my skin of choice at the moment (though my other faves, LAQ, Pink Fuel and Tuli are well represented in the note card). No worries though, because I am a foot tinting PRO and with these shoes of course it’s easier than ever! ^^ I am aware that this is post is full of shameless gushing **squeal** but I don’t care, I really do love these shoes that much! Anyway, here I will share my settings for these feet and the [KA] Skins – Bardot: Zuri.

Also much love for this super cute dollarbie flutterbye pipe from Lost Wood. =P

Preset Skin Tone #9
H: 19
S: 19
L: 35

Pic Creds: Hair – Lamb, Dress – Doppleganger, Pose – Whole Lotta Rosie, Location – Home!


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