oh hi there

*takes a deep breath* It’s been awhile!

So yeah, things are craaaazy right now, lol. I am so busy with stuff in SL that the blogging has gone on the backburner, and I am sorry about that! I just have so much happening that I don’t have enough hours in the day even though I only sleep for like 6! Yeesh!

So first! I opened a shape shop! I have no idea if anyone will buy anything, but I am giving it a try anyway. =P I am going to make a separate post for that. Tomorrow. Lol.

On Sunday we had an “inventory sorting” party that was a lot of fun. We watched the Hangover (sort of) and some other movie (not really) and there were giant horses and tiny avs and watermelon asses and so on and so forth. Also got to meet some people in person that I had only met before on plurk or the fail that is InWorldz. =P (Feel free to add me on plurk btw. Only private to avoid bot followers!) I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but here are some I did manage to snap!

Here’s a random horse’s ass to break up my wall o text.

In other Bunnyverse news… it’s amazing to look back on my time in SL and think of how lonely I have been, always missing the things that would make my slife complete. I didn’t really know WHAT was missing, but I knew it probably had to do with other people. =P Well, lately I’ve been delving into the world of child avs and families. It was never something I was interested in before, but once you get into it… you’re hooked. I am not close with my RL family, there is a big disconnect between us and most of the time, I am not too saddened by it (though at times do regret my part in it happening) and so I’ve never really thought of myself as a family person.

And then awhile back Meila and I got together, and she is very much a family oriented person in SL. Through her I was introduced to my precious Maddie Monkey, who I adore beyond anything. =P Shortly after that, Meila and I decided to make kid avs ourselves and ended up with parents of our own, the amazing Puss and Cobble, and cute little sister Claire. I am sure I will have pictures of all of this at some point. Oh, here’s one! Many more to follow, I’m sure. Our family is a little bit weird but so are we and it seems to be working out happily.

Anyway that’s enough personal crap for the moment. ONWARD to my favorite topic, SKINS! YAY! So I was super stoked when I heard about new Plastik skins coming out, and was elated to try the demos. The face. Is. ADORABLE. Now, some of the darker tones, when I demo’d them, had a bit of an issue with grayness that I plurked about and which turned me away from buying the skins. But then I saw the lightest tone onAchariya‘s blog and it had NONE of the previous sad-making grayness. So I immediately had to have them. :D Luckily for me my dear friend Clear Canning had offered to buy me a skin for taking pictures of a ridiculously beautiful (ridiculously sculptastic) house since she couldn’t rez it. (LOL)

Here I am again in my all time favorite photo-place, Chakryn forest. It never ceases to please me!

The two makeups I decided to get were Decembrice and Prowess, they are GOOOORRRRGEEEOOUUUUUUS. The lips on this skin are to die for, and there are so many makeups to suit any kind of mood or costume or flight of fancy. The skins are 999L and now, let me tell you for 999L you get EIGHT skins. And two pairs of matching elf ears. Now theres technically 4 skins, but each comes in two versions, a regular and a hi-definition (likewise the ears come in reg and hi). The 4 skin types are: freck, bare, pout (blush and reddened lips) and shy (blush with bare lips). AND.. yes theres more. AND you get eight sets of super-pretty non human eyes, with prim sets for mix-matching. This is some serious bang for your buck people, I couldn’t be happier with the L spent.

I am sure I had more to say but I got no more typing in me tonight folks.

TTFN! <3

2 responses to “oh hi there”

  1. Woot my horse’s ass made it to your blog. Love the skins by the way. They look great on you!

    1. thebunnygirl Avatar

      thank you Camryn! :D I hope you see the pic on my flickr of you as the disembodied pumpkin thing!

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