i sell shapes now! (or something)

So, as promised, here is a post about my new lil shape shop!

I’ve always really enjoyed making shapes in SL – in any world, really. Character customization is way fun, and I like creating new faces and bodies for themes and outfits, or for friends based on their likes and personalities. I have been asked several times in SL if I would sell my shape to random people in stores and such, and I was always like… o.o uh, NO bitch, getchya own! (I didn’t really say THAT because I’m nice, but I did decline. I realize now that is a silly attitude and I should profit from this hobby that I enjoy.

To me, each shape is a character. It has personality, and differences that are both easily seen and more subtle. Maybe no one else can see them… and maybe no one will buy them. Who knows! =P I never have sold ANYTHING in SL before so this is new territory for me.

And I named my shop bitchkitten. Why? Because I like those words, and how they fit together. Because I am, among other things, a bitch and a kitten. And because no one else was using it already. =P

The part of this shop that I am most excited and passionate about is ironically, the part I am selling for 0 Lindens to avatars 30 days old or less. Included in this package is a notecard introduction to a few of the more confusing and negative sounding sliders in the shape interface: fat, eyebags, jowls, thickness, etc. How many times have we seen avatars with stick thin legs and week old rez date because every one who’s anyone knows it’s bad to have any fat? =P I’ve seen a lot anyway. I want to help new players learn that the fat slider being above zero doesn’t make you like that obese dude in South America who can’t get out of bed. I also included a second notecard in the package with information about the free or cheap skin/hair worn in the poster and a few freebie websites that I enjoy reading and think might be useful for newbies. AND some links to stores with free stuff in them. I would love to know about a free site for men, if there is one, btw!

These are a few of the shapes I have up for sale currently. I am planning on creating more male shapes and then some shapes for child avs, before working on a few more female shapes! YAY. All the female shapes come with a SYSTEM SKIRT SHAPE (laws, yes) that has been created while wearing a system pencil skirt to achieve maximum sexy-bootiness for that shape type. Demos are offered as well. All the shapes cost 400L – which to me seems competitively priced, as a lot of shops sell shapes for 1,000L or in that ballpark. A friend told me 400L was too much and that they had seen shapes sold for 150L, but I sure haven’t seen any shapes sold for that little, lol. But I am interested in opinions on that – if you feel 400L is too much, please leave a comment expressing why so I can consider it.

TTFN!! <3 :D

Edit: it would help if I added a SLURL! =P http://slurl.com/secondlife/Juicy/180/102/25

5 responses to “i sell shapes now! (or something)”

  1. Yay. Congrats!! I had a shape shop open for about 2 months earlier. It didn’t do well. But that was before I joined Plurk. You have a lot of friends and higher visibility, so I think you’ll do well. I now have folder of shapes and demos. Lol. GL!!!!!

  2. You might refer guys to fabfree.wordpress.com, because they have two male bloggers. Carson updates every day, I think. Also, Whisper occasionally pulls in random men to help her with her posts. Spudgy Dean updates less regularly, but he’s also a content creator in SL.

    I think your shapes are awesome, and with the amount of work you put into them, I don’t see 400L as being unreasonably priced. You should see if you can get in on things like Thirsty Thursday, 50L Friday, Project Themeory, 69L Humpday, and etc. And if you want to drive more traffic to your store, I highly recommend applying for a designer’s tag with the group FabFree (Fabulously Free in SL) and telling them about your free for under 30 shapes. There are over 10k members in the FabFree group, last I knew. :-D

    I hope things go really well for you! <3

  3. YAY congrats and I love how unique your shapes are! <3

  4. thebunnygirl Avatar

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. :D

    Syn that info is VERY helpful, I will check it out!

  5. oh yay, i love different shapes in SL, will be checking out your shop soon!!

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