nosey bit…

THIS IS ME: Yes plurkees, that is the (woot) smilie from plurk and I feel that it perfectly expresses my mood at almost any moment of the day. It’s without doubt the best smilie ever.

Moving on!

I love noses. I am particularly fascinated with BIG noses, and no one ever believes me when I say so. But I am, truly. I find large noses, and interesting noses very sexy and exciting. I am constantly experimenting with my nose in SL, trying to find new shapes or different effects. I also really love profile shots, particularly when they highlight a fascinating schnoz.

This is request: Show Me Your Nose! I would love comments or plurks linking to pictures of your av’s nose in profile and or from the front. Here is some more nose talk!

My two favorite celebrity noses have been for several years David Duchovny and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have a huge hard-on for both actors, I think they are both incredibly sexy and talented, have great comedic timing as well as dramatic oomph. But aside from these qualities they have something ELSE that I adore: Fascinating Noses!


I have tried many times to emulate SMG’s nose in SL and it is (as far as I can tell) impossible due to the slider limitations. Noses with “too much” downturn can majorly fuck with the shading around the nostrils of many skins, and also makes this weird chunky spot in the face that I can’t stand like I’ve boogies around my nose. It’s also impossible to make that adorable mid-bridge bump, as the sliders only offer one place to make a bump in the nose bridge and that falls squarely between the eyes.

*pauses for a moment to bask in the hotness*

… Anyway! =P (btw, anyone feeling like creating this hair style in SL? I’d be a happy camper!)

One of the most distinctive things about SMG’s nose, which is more noticeable from the front, is a very low, I dunno, septum I guess is what it’s called, yes?! Again, not really something you can emulate in SL… though there is a slider for it, the lack of dimension in the nose makes it rather unflattering, as it just stretches the nostril “hole” shading on skins.

This is the profile of my own shape, which is ever-evolving. =P The nose is quite large, comparative with other SL noses, and I have done my best to make it Buffy-esque. Not sure how well I have succeeded though at my imitation, but I like my profile all the same!

Anyway, that’s all. Just a random silly post from me about noses, cause I love em. And cause there’s nothing else to do in the morning when you’re lonely and your tummy is sick.


4 responses to “nosey bit…”

  1. Lishi Moonbeam Avatar
    Lishi Moonbeam

    I love noses too! I recently started noticing how tiny SL noses normally are, specially with kid avies. they just shrink em all down! I prefer noses with a little umph, something more than the norm as well….and you did pick two total hotties for examples!

  2. I love DD and SMG’s noses, too! I’ve always had a thing for big or unusual noses. I spent hours trying to create a Julian Sands nose on my guy alt. It didn’t work at all. I, too, was shaking my fist at the slider limitations!

  3. OOF – I have a wonky nose in RL. You can have it! Laugh. I even met with a cosmetic surgeon last year to get it fixed . . . but then I canceled the surgery (48 hours before it!) because at the last minute I thought, “At least I’m used to this nose and maybe I’ll miss it.” The nose is such a touchy thing – it’s the focal point of the whole face. If a surgeon screws it up, it’ll just look worse.

    So kudos to you for your nose tribute! I didn’t want Emerald to have a perfect nose . . . but you’re right, it’s hard to create certain shapes in SL with those stupid sliders.

  4. thebunnygirl Avatar

    Thanks for the comments guys! :D But I still want to see your noses. You’re depriving me of naughty nose fetish material here. =P

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