sad ramblings of a brown hart

Hart, btw, for you non Joss Whedon fans. (because Wolfram & Hart is the only reason I know the word) I’m one punny bitch.

I’ve definitely been in a brown study lately. I don’t feel really inspired to do a whole lot of anything. The fashion world in SL has been leaving me cold, and things IRL are just too much to bear. Both worlds are pushing down on me, both wanting more and I feel so stuck. Stuck in a box, even.

A SKYbox, you might say. *cue witty(emo) segue*


I finally felt inspired today by the adorable new skins from Pink Fuel that were released for Themeory. They have little fawn faces on them (or without the nose, if you prefer) and they are just precious. I am a huge Pink Fuel fangirl so gushing is to be expected, but really – who wouldn’t love these?! Crazies, that’s who. =P

The skybox these pictures were taken in is the current gift group from DP Yum Yum. It’s really precious and has become my photo studio for the foreseeable future.

That’s all I really have to say I guess. Credits to follow.

Skin: Pink Fuel – Sweet Fawn (themeory)
Hair: Truth – Paige
Horns: Illusions – Cerawyn
Dress: Humming – Brown Knit (1L!)
Shoes: Shiny Things – Old Boots
Flowers: LAP – Previous FLF item
Tree/stump: Napoliy – Lumberjack Set  (themeory)

Edit: I said precious twice in this post. I suck.

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