bunny’s box! (of photos) [i made this!]


So I built something for the first time ever! It was born of a need for something for myself, as I’m sure many things built in SL are. I was admiring my gift skybox from DP YumYum and thinking how much better it would be just by virtue of having some kind of access, like a door or phantom side. I realize that as it’s a skybox, it doesn’t “need” such a thing, but I personally am not using it in the sky, so it would have been nice to have. I could have added this myself unfortunately, the skybox is no mod.

So I says to myself, I says… “Maybe I should make my own photo box, then it could have exactly what I want, use, need.” And then I thought about all the things I wanted it to do… combining all the things my various most used props do and I thought… that is way too much fucking work. LOL! But then with a little help from my friends (cue song) I was able to get it done. It took me a long time because I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I couldn’t have any flickery textures or crooked things and SL seemed to fight me at every turn. But finally I was done!

AND NOW! For sale in my shop at Juicy as well as on XStreet, I present to you… my box.


No really, I named it Bunny’s Box because I have the maturity and sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. =P

I would like to thank Meila for pushing me to make something, Wyatt Hadisson for being a god of scripting, and my good friend Ellowyn Messmer who I never see anymore that gave me the original inspiration (and the knowledge that such things were possible, because I am a newb)!


ps, yes I spelled transparent wrong on my ad. That word is the death of me.

One response to “bunny’s box! (of photos) [i made this!]”

  1. Congrats! I’ve been playing around with building, myself–mostly in the housing sector, as X and I just got a bigger plot of land, and it’s taking him forever to build my cottage. :-P

    Ell will show up in game again–I know this not because I am psychic, but because she has to come on to help X before I kick him. lol

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