upcoming from sysy’s!

Hi! Quite the prolific blogging day here at the bunny ranch!

Coming soon from Sysy‘s is the cute new Yardena dress. As always, Sysy gives us options – 2 skirts this time, a basic mini and a poofy sculpted. I love the sculpted one, it totally fits my fat butt in a variety of poses. It also comes with a scarfy thing that is cute! The dress has an open back, which I love, making it great for showing off pearl necklaces (not THAT kind, you perv) and the scarf that it comes with, as well as tattoos should you have any.

Comes in all the colors shown here as well as teal – the teal is not pictured here because for some reason I couldn’t get the color to be teal in my picture. Well I know the reason, I think but, anyway just.. yeah! The teal is pretty, too. =P

Also as I was doing this blog, I got a giftie from Miel– the Tuesday hair in 3 colors. They decided to gift us since many folks (myself included *sadface*) couldn’t get into The Deck over the weekend.

And on my feets in the second pick, the adorable Limited Edition (that’s right, only about 300 available total EVER) Glitter Pink ballet flats from Cherry of London. I love pink, I love flats, and I love exclusive items, so I couldn’t get my hands on these quick enough. The other colors are good too (though I don’t own them yet, on a bit of a shopping vacation, believe it or not!) and totally worth picking up if you’re a flats inclined person. ^^

AND super adorable May subscribo gifties from [KUE!] as plurked by KawaiiNicole. Meila saw it and sent it to me like “this is SO you” and it totally is, omg, this necklace and ring are to die for. Funy fact – I LOVE love love love little bird accessories and little bird things irl and isl, but I don’t really like actual birds. In fact, safe to say I hate birds irl. >.> Go figure. My mom has birds, they hate me, I hate them, it’s a mutual hate thing. AND THEY LOOK AT ME WITH THEIR EYES, WAITING FOR THE MOMENT TO STRIKE. *shivers in terror*

… Anyway. Also you can get a glimpse of the aforementioned teal dress. I fail at being organized today or something.

Last but not least, a truckload of super cool new releases upcoming from Vicarious Vitae, so check that out too!


Also worn:

Skin: Chaisuki – Elise
Hair: Truth – Paige
Shoes: Maitreya – Allure
Poses: LAP – Jazzy (past 50LF)

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