truth is a pony

And ponies are awesome.

Not much to say tonight. This weekend (Sunday to be exact) is my 27th birthday and I am feeling.. well… old. And sort of self-pitying, lol. So to shake that I took some silly pictures with my SL wifey Meila, to celebrate the new Truth release being 110% awesometastic. Like ponies but better.

I’ve been having a blast with the ladies (coughwhorescough) of Dork Street who are somehow, someway, weirder and freakier than me or Meila. In a good way. They are SO MUCH fun and I love them for taking us into their bosoms. Because we are now bosom friends, friends of the bosoms. ( o Y o ) Yus.

Other than that, let’s see. Hmm. No one will buy my doubledamned rabbit nests. So much for getting rich quick via bunnies! *angry face* It dawned on me today that making money in SL is a HELL of a lot harder than it looks – or than others might want to make you think it is, lol.

Do you see this build we are in? I am IN LOVE with it but Meila says we cannot live in it. This makes me a saaaaaaaaaaaad panda. But, Meila also made new flats today in EIGHTEEN colors so I guess I can forgive her, because she is wonderful. =)

fabulous, dahlings

I am quite enamored of this new shirt from MichaMi – though even the “large” sculpty bit had to stretched to like 4 times it’s original size to fit me, lol. This is how I know I’m SL fat (despite not REALLY looking it): when I put prims on, they are so eaten by my body that they are literally not visible. My vintagey shirts are from a store KawaiiNicole led me to – Star Wars and other stuff, so awesome! Where in the world else can I find a shirt with a wookiee offering a mustache ride?!

In conclusion. I <3 Meila, I am still worshipping at the Truth altar, and I continue to adore rainbows and ponies and my new friends.


Hairs: Truth
Skins: Meila – Belleza, Bunny – Curio
Star Wars Shirts: Beggars Banquet
Meila’s Lingerie: Phoenix Rising
My Undies: Kyoot – prev. themeory item
Shoes: Buttons –  Skittled Out Flats
Shirt: MichaMi – Samara Tee
Jeans: League
Furniture:  Pillows: Molto Bene(no longer available), Mocha(no longer available), [coco], pash(no longer available), MNK shop(no longer available), Other: (no longer available) (that sucks >.>)

2 responses to “truth is a pony”

  1. <333333 LOVE LOVE LOVE. as always.
    you always make shit adorable…
    and i said we can live in it!
    we just gotta get wyatt to make us a copy LOL since it's his build.
    we'll put like stringy bead door and stuff with colors and crap.

    ♥ i adore you wife.

  2. Awww. Happy birthday! Don’t feel bad. I’m 28, turning 29 at the end of the year. Ell turns 28 in July. You’re younger than us! :-D

    And the build is adorable!

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