This is gonna be a long one with lots of words and not many pictures. Sorry. =P

Weeee. So yesterday was my IRL birthday, it sucked balls tbh. lol. BUT on Saturday my SL wifey and all my friends had a big partay for me which included giant kickable heads and babies, more giant babies, glamazons, skankwear, superheroes, ponies, princess costumes, a giant castle, and all my favorite people that could make it. SO awesome. Thank you everyone who came and everyone who wished me happy b-day and gave me gifties. You guys made my day. Click Here for Pictures.

Now, I haven’t blogged for a bit becaaaaause I was waiting. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the PERFECT skin. I knew there were a ton of releases this week and I waited and patiently tried on each one. The new LeLutka, while gorgeous on everyone else, looked terrible on me. Not the one. The new Atomic + the re-released Grace were really pretty too, but again, didn’t suit me at all – even with considerable face tweaking. Then came League. OH MY GOD. The new League skin is SO FUCKING HOT. It looks pretty awesome on almost everyone I have seen it on, including myself. It’s such a HUGE improvement over their previous skin releases, I give them huge props.

But still… I decided to wait and compare the new &Bean release first before making a purchase. I’ve been really conscientious about money lately, since I am now poor IRL – I have to pick and choose carefully, and I had to spend my birthday money wisely. I have been DYING from skin-deprivation, lol. So when I got the notice that &Bean was open I was there within like 10 seconds. I went naked, in a half made shape, wearing a League demo skin, bald and in unmatching clothing. =P I was SO EXCITED.

It was well worth the wait! I have my chosen new skin and I made a brand new shape JUST for it, which I have decided to sell. (More info to follow)

These are just a few of the makeups available – I definitely want more, lol. =P DEL is for sale right now for JUST 50L!!! It is to the right of the Hounds of Love display and left of the Pillow display, on it’s own. Comes in all tones. I am wearing Dark tone. One less-nice thing I will say about &Bean is that I wish wish wish wish they made a real dark skin tone – not only for myself but for my friends who like to being their RL ethnicity into SL or just like wearing dark skin (as I do). These would look SO fab in a deep coco, imo. =P

Ooo So, I just logged in and I got this notice from the &Bean group:

Some people…
Mon 17 May 2010 06:45 AM (Sent By Keiko Morigi)

…are just pure awesome. Thank you Litzi and Bunny for being so honest and letting me know I had accidentally included a  non demo skin in the demo pack. You guys are AWESOME and I’ll send you a gift just cause you were so honest and let me know. To the other people who noticed but didn’t bother letting me know… <3

I feel special, yay! =P I feel like I’ve already gotten a gift by way of the demo snafu, lol, + the 50L skin which I love and can’t wait to find some dramatic event to wear it for.

Anywhoodle. On to the shape –  all shapes I make are a “character” in my mind and usually created for a specific need or purpose, this one is no exception! I am not going to blab about it excessively here – you can see it worn in the pictures and also listed on XStreet. Click Here for Listing.

And now for a mini-rant. Why are shapes considered “mature” content?! It is so damn annoying to me to have to keep re-enabling that to view MY OWN damn listing. Oy. And it really decreases visibility of those items. Less fail please. :(

So originally I was gonna buy GField cowboy boots with the remainder of my b-day booty, but then I found out about this HAIR from 69, omg! It is unlike anything I have in my whole inventory, I love it to bits. Couldn’t resist it… the boots will have to wait for another day. =P

I also couldn’t resist one more picture of me because I am SO HAPPY and satisfied with my SL self atm.


Skin: &Bean – Hounds of Love
Hair: 69 – Ride, Mog (prev group gift)
Lingerie: Pig – RedHot
Dress: Exodi – Tea Time (pure, for themeory)
Poses: with love & squalor – Citrus (50LF), Hopscotch – Attitude
Shoes: Gbberish – Vintage Ankle Strap Heels (no longer available afaik)
Sweater: Surf Co – Slouchy Thread Sweater (50LF)
Shirt: Atomic – Frilled
Necklace: Caroline’s
Piercing: Flipside (its modifiable <3)

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