(summer)time is a face on the water

Hidey Ho Neighbors. Fellow King lovers will recognize my title as a (slightly altered) quote from the Dark Tower series, book 4:  Wizard and Glass.

This is probably, really, for reals, my last blog for a long while. I couldn’t take off without talking about the new Tuli skin, could I?! I lurve it. =P lots of RL stuff in this post again, cos I am one rambley rambler.

There’s no doubt that summer has arrived in Texas early and with it’s usual vengeance. Bugs bugs, humidity, freak rain, more bugs and oh, did I mention the bugs? Yeah. So I am actually pretty happy to report that in a few short days, I am headed back to my native state of California to spend my summer on the beautiful (expensive and crowded) coast. I miss it. I can’t wait to chow down on an In n Out burger while sitting on my favorite beach, having a margarita and a cigarette while the sun sets into the endless water, smelling the air, hearing the gulls. There is nothing about the coast that I don’t miss. I know the ocean will welcome me home with it’s tireless crashing and rumbling.

And there is nothing about Texas that I WILL miss. Not even the alamo drafthouse. That’s right, the drafthouse and I parted ways this past Wednesday, when I took in dinner and a show at midnight – the release of Sex and the City 2. Which was fabulous by the way – much better than the first movie. I guarantee if you love the show, you’ll love this movie. I had a delicious margarita and a raging bull pizza and said my goodbyes to my one Texas love.

And yes all of this means I am not moving to East Texas after all. My aunt changed her mind. Just like that. I have no hard feelings about it, I am excited to head back to Cali. Scared, and worried and kind of dreading it – but excited all the same. I miss my insane family. I miss the beach. I miss good chinese food and Thrifty’s ice cream. And I miss the dry heat – not to say that California isn’t humid, but it ain’t got nothin on Texas. =P

Anyway… Tuli skin, yeah. It’s a beautiful face, and comes with three boobie options – one of which is for SMALL BOOBS. I’ve seriously been chomping at the bit to get my hands on this skin for that reason alone. And it was worth the wait. Gorgeous and elegant and delicate looking. I only bought one makeup, due to being on a budget and none of the others being quite as “necessary” looking. I also bought the set of new eyes – they are lovely, light and airy looking. So, two thumbs up for Tuli rocking it once again.

50 Linden Friday was kinda meh for me this week (and in general lately) but I did get this fab dress from Casa Del Shai, Hair from Lamb (color is not ideal for this skin tone, but oh well) and an adorable house from Molto Bene (not pictured).  I’m also wearing a recent Truth release hair, Eloise. Poses are from Glitterati. Aaaaaand last but not least these so cute and cozy new ethnic styled flats from Zaara – excellent quality as per usual. I got them in a neutral color so I can wear the hell out of em, but they come in some really pretty gem tones also.

I can’t believe that this month just 3 years ago, I was settling into my brand new apartment, full of hope and possibilities and the joy of a new place. Time wounds all heels (and kills hopes, dreams, youth….), and my dogs are bitchin’ something fierce. =P

That’s all for now. Byeeeeeeeeee.

One response to “(summer)time is a face on the water”

  1. Great post and also pictures! I love you in this Tuli skin, and I wish you the best of luck going back to CA.

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