back from hiatus with an orgy of spending

Hidey Ho! The hiatus is now over, as I am fully moved back to California and ready to move on to living and not worrying (too much).

Right before I left, I got some new skins that I really, REALLY love. They are from a store called MIASNOW – not new to me, since I have been hearing about it for quite some time. But I never bought anything from there. This is going to sound bitchtastical but I am gonna say it anyway, since I value honesty and I feel that this kind of feedback may help someone, if not MiaSnow herself. =P

I HATE their ads. [Click me for an example. Note, this the same skin I am wearing below.] When I get the notices for skin releases there, I get this image of a huge bald head, with huge veiny eyeballs that are always kinda half rolled up into the skull. It’s just really, really really unflattering. It doesn’t do the skins justice, not even a tidge. Meila wanted to get a skin from there that she saw on a blog and I was like, man, I just don’t even want to try because I find their ads so incredibly off putting. But she showed me a picture from this blog and the picture looked GOOD and it was a free skin so what the hell! Yes that is correct, one of the two skins below was a Lucky Chair prize! Yay! :D It’s a 10 minute chair as I recall. I think Miasnow is a fantastic skin maker with lots of originality and talent. I wish they used different ads, to better showcase that – ads should be drawing people in, not scaring them away.

So enough of me being all blabby and critical. >.> Once I was there and got the lucky chair skin, I couldn’t resist checking out the rest of the display – and the new Isis Pale skin didn’t disappoint. Super adorable RED LIPS and flushy cheeks, my favorite! I loved Isis in the dark skin tone as well but it didn’t have the super flushed cheeks so with the help of my fellow whorks (whores + dorks = ??) I decided on the new pale release. Love the super thick brows and not-perfectly-even lips.

I also wanted to take a crack at making shadows this week (“real” ones, not drop shadows) but it is hard. Except it’s not, it’s really easy especially when you cheat. These new shoes from Kookie make your legs look about 10 miles long. And no, I’m not wearing pants.

Lastly, the latest Truth releases. Ah, so cute as always. Lourdes is my fave this week, though all are fun. The bow on Tina is color change and Marnie has color change streaks! Wooo! *waves hands all crazy like*

Also it’s taken me like 4 hours to make this post, partially because of this:

Oh and also I just bought this Stumblebum skin from Strumpet. They make shapes it seems, primarily, BUT a few months ago they made this pinup Marilyn Monroe type skin and it was so gorgeous. This one is similarly lovely. And I adore how it’s brows look on my brow shape, so funky and straight. :D And yes at this point, I fear if I stop to take and edit a proper photo I’ll be trying to get this blog out for another 4 hours.



Creds: All eyes – Poetic Colors. Clothes – Zaara & (these three shops all have fab sales right now, get it while you can!) Skins – MIASNOW & Strumpet. Hair – and Truth. Poses – Glitterati, Whole Lotta Rosie, P4P

3 responses to “back from hiatus with an orgy of spending”

  1. you make me wanna fapppssss

  2. Welcome back :]

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