atomically delicious


I’ve been spinning around like mad lately trying to find a new skin to buy (because you know I need more) and couldn’t really find anything exciting.  Then I logged in today and was told that ATOMIC re-released their Faith line! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Atomic, I love the clothes, the skins, they give great gifties and have a nice build and I’ve been shopping there foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Faith was my favorite of their older skins, and I had no idea it was being re-worked – probably a good thing because otherwise I would have been having a spaz over it not being ready immediately. =P

They released a brand new skin and a re-worked Grace recently, and while I love them on other people they didn’t suit me very well. So when I logged in today and the first thing I see is from Neva: new atomic skins! I almost died of joy.

Each skin comes with: 2 makeup versions, freckles and non, brow shapes, a variety of pantypubes, and some cute eye lashes. The freckles aren’t too noticeable on my tone of choice, Mocha. I will point out one little flaw in the skin that I have found – very slightly almost not even visible seams on the legs, at the outter calf in and inner thigh. Have to be looking for them to see them, and in no way deterred me from buying the 4 skins pictured in this post. ^^

Here is a comparison of the old Faith face vs. the new Faith face. I love the new one a lot, though I liked the old lips too. (Old Faith pictured in Caramel, new in Mocha)

Overall I am really pleased with this new release and I hope Atomic keeps up the great work. :D

The hair I am wearing is from (sale still ongoing, 75L per color pack of hair, including their new release) and the clothes are from BOOM which I got on sale at their new location on the Juicy sim. I believe the sale is over now. :( Sad face! Shoes are old-but-good from G-Field.

And now I’m headed to the beach IRL! Bai <3

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