BBBC 2010 #1 – plus some other crap

I feel so LAZY today, lol. But I am going to write anyway – can’t very well crap out on the first day of the challenge, can I?!

Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

Why, oh why, did I become a blogger. I tried to answer this question the first time I had a blog for the BBBC last year, and I don’t think I gave a satisfactory answer. Who knows. =P I guess I don’t really know WHY. I enjoy writing, sometimes it soothes me and helps me sort out problems. Other times I just like showing off what I got and hope other people also want to get it. I like to state my opinion even if no one is reading. Also sometimes it’s just good to have something productive to do, when life is chaos.

Blogging has made me some great friends, showed me new ways to be creative, and pushes me to challenge myself with new computer programs, new ways of thinking about SL, and RL. It’s good stuff.

Sometimes though, like right now, I want to stab my blog in the face. =P

The Plastik just released this badass dress/corset thinger. Comes in 50 colors/patterns, and each puchase nets you 2 styles, and it comes as just a corset option to. It’s super sexy, tons of options and shading and all the great stuff we’ve come to love about the Plastik. Check it out. :D This is just a very small sample of what’s available.

These other pictures are kinda evocative of Beyonce in the Telephone video, because Meilawifey said I looked a bit like her in this fab hair from Clawtooth (Stumblebum offering!)

And the cupcake? Well… why NOT a cupcake!

HOLY SHIT it’s almost true blood time.

One response to “BBBC 2010 #1 – plus some other crap”

  1. ♥ humpable.delight as usual!
    meh true blood. *walks around with pitchfork*

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