BBBC 2010 #2

SL Bloggers – Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

1: Not original of course but… my friends. I have rather a lot of them now, that come drifting in and out of my SLife. DORK STREET of course – every day in SL is spent with Dork Street group chat open and put in the corner of my screen, always there for laughs and advice. My SL mom & dad, two fantastic, loving, weird people that I am very glad to know. Jay, Chuck, Rizzy, Clear even though she’s never around! – you guys make it for me. So thanks. =)

2: Wifey. More than a friend, better than a lover. She says weird things that make me laugh and she is sooooo talented and dorky and smart even though she doesn’t think so. =P I’m sad I am not around enough for her, I wanna give her more and do more and BE more for her all the time, because she always deserves more more more! More love, more hot dogs, more Truth hairs, more happy times.

3: My inventory. AH how I love my inventory. I love all these THINGS. They make every time I login, even if no one else is online, kinda magical. I love my favorite hairs, my special attachments, my snapshots from days gone by. My skin collection, vast and varied and impractical. The dozens of shapes I make for no reason at all, the guns that shoot things no real life gun would ever shoot, the endless bikinis in a world where I never go to the beach, piles of panties that serve no purpose. The props, the poses, the lipstick and icecreams and mouth-noms and purses and shoes and oh what a wonderful world it is! It’s like the Vogue closet and the swapmeet and Willy Wonka’s and Disneyland all in a neat and searchable package. Okay well, neat might be pushing it. =P Considering I never clean my objects folder. Ever. EVER.

This is a picture of me about 10 minutes ago – using Gyazo, the best thing the Dorks have introduced me to since sliced bread. Note that my eyes are closed – which never happens when I want it to. This is what my slife looks like. Me and wifey on a pose stand, or in appearance mode in our house or the lawn or someone else’s lawn. Dork Street open, IM’s from Jay with silly things, my inventory open, and just… this is it. This is awesome. My RL is turbulent right now, but my SL is moving on comfortably, happily. Dorkily. =P I am so grateful.


I want to say that I am blogging happily for two cool things going on soonish: The Good Shit Hunt and Operation Squeegee. Links are here but also can be found on my sidebar. More to come soon, follow the sites in the meantime. :D

2 responses to “BBBC 2010 #2”

  1. Yus, you makes me smiles even if you don’t want to open a store.
    my ass is happy like the sun.
    you are cutes <3 love you!

  2. I just saw this! So funny.

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