BBBC2010 #3 + some shameless advertisement


I’m going to start with the shameless advertisement first, because well, I like supporting people!

#1! My wifey has been hard at work lately building stuff for her store, including this cute little bench. It comes in 4 colors and there are other matching things like rugs and curtains. Cute! This bench has 4 poses, and you can get it now at Buttons. See also my fail attempt at 2.0 viewer shadows. They seem to flicker and move every time I move my camera and lags me the hell out. My gfx card is less than a year old, but the rest of my computer is 3 years old with varying ages for other parts (all under 3 years). Not up to running the shadows clearly.

#2 GLITTERATI is having a 100L sale! Katey is a generous and creative person, I feel like every time I turn around she is tossing free stuff around, lol. New freebie is up at her store. Also make sure you use any of your GLITTERATI gift cards still laying around, cos they won’t be valid after July 15th. Even ones with only 25 or 50L left can be used – pay the vendor with the card, then it will let you pay the balance with lindens!

#3 Good Shit Hunt is drawing closer, closer. Some AMAZING favorite stores of mine are in this one guys, this is REALLY GOOD SHIT, okay?! I’m talkin’ Reek, the afore-mentioned Glitterati, Estetica, my wifey Buttons, A-Bomb, La’Licious, EmJay, !Imabee,…. you get the idea. =P See the official GSH blog for a full list of designers.

This is me playing with one of the poses from the Glitterati Football set, available now at the store… balls balls balls. I certainly look like a girl capable of ball-playing, if not football playing. =P

SO NOW. 4 hours later. BBBC #3

SL Bloggers – How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? If you have an SL relationship, have you met in the physical world? Would you meet them? Do you think it would change your SL relationship if you met?

I think that much like IRL, it’s hard to find a relationship that is GOOD and lasting and meaningful. We know people that change partners faster than they change clothes – and in SL changing clothes is just a click away, so that’s really saying something. It’s harder to get to the core of a person here, the real them behind the shiny av and posturing profile. I have my wonderful muffin wifey Meila in world now… she is incredible. If we had a chance to meet IRL, I’d definitely take it. It’s unlikely considering our respective IRL situations, but I would love to meet her some day. I don’t think it would change us… TOO much. Being with someone always changes us, regardless of the relationship. Interaction chips away or builds up and molds us like the ocean against the earth.

One thing I have learned from long distance relationships is… it’s hard to be with someone far away before you meet, and you will think it is the hardest thing in the world, cry and moan and be oh so sad. And then you meet them and things are great. AND NOW… now when you go home, the visit is done, the bags unpacked…. when you boot up your computer and see their name pop up on messenger or email… when you see *hug*… NOW you will know real pain. Now you know sadness, and everything IS really hard and keeping the fabric of the relationship together is sometimes impossible. Because being apart from your real love is one of the hardest things in the world, and unfortunately it’s not really how humans are designed to be… it puts incredible stress on an otherwise pleasing situation. So I caution people about meeting lovers from online IRL – if you don’t live in a feasible visiting distance or have the money to commute. Because I tell you folks… distance is fucking brutal. The distance of a 2 hour plane ride becomes a desert of isolation as vast and impassable as the Sahara.

I think Meila and I would be okay because we are not lovers in the traditional sense. We love each other, but we came into this knowing that we wouldn’t be together IRL, and we don’t maek secks or make promises of meeting one day and falling madly into irl love. We just live our SL and cherish that time we get together, and it makes for a really low-key comfortable relationship.

Wow that’s a lotta words.

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