You know you want it.

I peed. And then Mochi dropped fatpacks on me and I swear I peed again. And maybe came. (Is that awkward, Mochi? I hope not) I was SO STOKED that she remembered me gushing about these skins way back when I saw them for the first time over at Undefined Things, lol.

As my wifey can confirm, I have been a Bunny OBSESSED.

So here is a sampling of the makeups and brows in Honey (light), Chai (light tan) and Cocoa (dark). I believe there are 2-3 other tones available. New to Pink Fuel skins with this release is BOOBIES yay! And the usual brow options, freckles, and cute lil tintable pantypubes.

I had a LOT more pictures but I had a horrible thing happen with the LL 2.0 viewer which lured me in with shadows and smoother performance before revealing it’s true demonic nature. So now there are less pictures. But I don’t anticipate taking these skins off any time soon, so you’ll get more than you can handle in the coming days. =P

I have checked these over good! Not a seam to be found, the body is gorgeous. The cute new boob cleavage is delightful and I am just in LOVE LOVE LOVE. As always. Because Pink Fuel is made of awesome and has been since I first discovered it what now seems like 100 years ago, when it was a small box with about 10 items in it, lol. =P

All hair from, all poses from Glitterati. These shoes I have refused to take off since buying them are from LeLutka – SO fabulous. And my cute bikini is the adorable new release from BOOM.

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