BBBC #5 sort of

Blogger’s Choice!

newb stand

This blogger is out of time. =P I am having a REALLY good, I dunno… karmic kickback or something. Everything IRL is kinda falling into place. I also learned how to make poses for SL and I am IN LOVE. So my wifey finally convinced me (again) to try to sell things. And really, it’s coming together so easy this time, it’s effortless.

I am already running late for tonight’s Ally McBeal Marathon + BBQ at my cousin’s house, so, that’s all for now.

I <3 MEILA! And I say that with all the confidence of someone who hasn’t already been through 48738753853485 partners. (inside joke?! =P)



One response to “BBBC #5 sort of”

  1. i <3 you too wifey ♥♥

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