Whork! Now Open

Whore + Dork = Whork (=me!?)

So I have again opened a store. This is already a much BETTER store though! =P  I am making poses now, and it is SUPER fun. I have a decent little group of poses up, and will show you a few in this post. To drum up some business, I want to give out this mini-pack of poses to bloggers and designers:

Let me know if you’d like this blogger giftie!

My poses are all pretty random, usually inspired by what I’m wearing or listening to at any given moment. They don’t come in sets or follow a theme – sort of like me. *waves arms all crazy*

All poses are m/c/no trans. All poses are 16 L! I also have some poses, sits only currently, that I am selling full perm for folks to use in chairs and sofas and whatnot. Full perm poses are 30L atm.

Also in the store there is a dollarbie that will change monthly, as well as a subscribo giftie for signing up. :D

You can find Whork! as well as my wifey’s store Buttons. here: Click Me for TP (PG sim, cover your bits!)

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