Good Shit Hunt Starts Tomorrow!


The Good Shit Hunt starts TOMORROW and it is absolutely chock-full of super exciting Good Shit. I personally love the fact that my friends put a cuss word in the name of this hunt, it’s so fun to say. =P

In other news, my very special (helmet) self Bunny Blindside has been added last minute (along with a couple other stores) to the list of good shit to hunt for. This is my very first hunt, and I was tickled to be asked. =) Please make sure to check out every store – some will surprise you because the item is not what the store would normally offer, some will amaze you with the EXTREME high quality and detail. Some stores (like mine) are new to hunt participation, and this will give us some much needed exposure and experience! Check the website (linked above and in my sidebar) for a list of hints going up soon!

Here is a little peek at my hunt item, a group pose (hot chicks not included) following the theme.

That’s all for now, and yes I know, I am majorly slacking in the blog department.

Coming soon: Operation Squeegee Preview Part 2 and Why Bunny is a Fail Blogger (part 24753)!

Oh yeah and Reek has rocked my socks right off my feet with this hair y’all!

PS, this hooray in the air pose? Yeah that’s a DOLLARBIE at my store right now. But only for a few more days, then it’ll be listed at regular price and a new dollarbie will go up for the month of July. =)

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