Operation Squeegee Preview Part 2

All items from Operation Squeegee are 100% or 50% proceeds donated to the National Wildlife Federation to aid the cleanup and rescue of wildlife and their habitats affected by the April 2010 gulf oil spill – which has been acknowledged as the worst oil spill in US history. The effects on the ecosystem, the economy, and the lives of thousands (if not millions) of people and wildlife have been devastating. The wide-reaching repurcussions of this unnatural disaster can be felt by all of us – evidenced by shaken faith in our government, the uneasy disdain of our foreign allies, and the seemingly un-fixable core issue – a leak sprung not on a finite source like a tanker, barge or drum, but an underwater well that will continue to pump crude oil into our ocean until the flow is halted.

Regardless of our individual opinion about how the spill is being handled by BP and the US gov’t, and the feeling of helplessness many of us are experiencing (I know I am) we CAN do something to help. This is one small chance, and I encourage you all to spend a few of your hard earned dollars on this cause.

That’s enough editorializing from me. ^_~

ungrateful bitch =P

Many of the items at the event are animal themed – super cutesy and cuddly looking. There are props, toys, poses, furniture, houses, boats, clothing… it’s just amazing the spread of stuff our generous vendors have donated. While everything there is at minimum 50% donation, the amount of vendors that are donating ONE HUNDRED PER CENT of their proceeds from EVERY item is really impressive, and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone involved.

And did I mention that a lot of this stuff is exclusive to the Operation Squeegee event – you won’t be able to buy this stuff in the store later, people!

Operation Squeegee items in this post were either provided to me by the vendor or purchased by me at the blogger preview. =) And yeah I bought more, so look for another post from me later today with a lil bit more.

Operation Squeegee Vendors shown in this post: BOOM, Ticky Tacky, Dreams, Gehenna, Lolapop!, FAKE, Hopscotch, 5th & Oxford, and Sysy’s. The specifics are credited on the picture in my Flickr stream, so click the pic!

Non Operation Squeegee items: Poses by Glitterati, Hair by Fri.day, Skin by The Plastik, Shoes by LeLutka, Jeans by Fri.Day (GSH item!!)

One response to “Operation Squeegee Preview Part 2”

  1. I love how you mixed them upp and I see a few more things I’ll have to grab before the fair ends <3

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